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Wandering the winding streets of Arles, you might be struck by the feeling of deja vous. Stop a moment. If a particularly picturesque stone square looks familiar, or you swear you've seen that brightly coloured house before, there's probably a good reason. For these are the streets Van Gogh used to tread, and many of them made their way into his artwork.
Situated on the River Rhone, this gorgeous little settlement harks back through the centuries to the Bronze Age, before it became a Greek colony. Once, it boasted a 20,000 seat amphitheatre and a 12,000 seat theatre - two impressive structures that are still intact and well worth a visit.
Nowadays, their programme of gladiators and chariot racing has been replaced with various stage events which are well worth a visit - if only for the incredible atmosphere.
Michelin star restaurants, intimate little cafés, bustling outdoor markets - this is one of those destinations that feels like the perfect holiday destination, full of the European way of life and olde worlde charm.

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