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If you were to mention the word Edam to the majority of people, you might be more likely to spark talk of cheeses with holes in. For the few that might have visited this gorgeous town, you will see their eyes light up in quite a different way at the mere mention of it.
Located in Holland, Edam is surprisingly lacking in crowds of tourists. What is does contain, however, is all the things that tourists traditionally like. Slender canals, neat rows of beautiful red-bricked houses, high gables and swing bridges - there is much to delight in here.
Well worth attending is the open-air cheese market that happens every Wednesday during July and August only. It's the only time that the tourist crowds really descend on the city, despite the fact that Edam can technically be made anywhere, since it's a type of cheese rather than a description of its place of origin.
Edam, Netherlands

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