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The city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is in the south of the Russian island of Sakhalin, an oil-rich area which has unsurprisingly prospered over the years. While the ambience here is certainly business focussed, it’s also fairly laid back and calming, enabling visitors to relax and bask in an exciting new environment.

The southern part of the island was once part of Japan, however after the Second World War the territory was acquired by the Soviet Union. Evidence of the Japanese heritage here is still visible however, particularly in the form of the beautiful Sakhalin Regional Museum. The style of this building is undoubtedly Japanese, with intricate details, turned-up curved roofs, and perfect symmetry. Unfortunately the exhibits are all in Russian, but inside you can see a fantastic array of artefacts from earlier inhabitants – both Russian and Japanese.

Another impressive site to behold in the city is the stunning Cathedral of the Nativity. This fairly recent addition to the city’s architecture is of quintessentially Russian design, with a glistening white exterior and rich gold and blue domes. It’s the perfect spot to take some lovely photographs.

Gagarin Park is a great area for something a little different. There are many attractions including rides, boating activities, a train, and also a zoo nearby. Gagarin Park is also a lovely spot for a gentle stroll. It’s possible to walk away from the amusements and around the ornamental lake if you want to escape the crowds.

Because of the Japanese and Russian history in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, there is a wonderful range of cuisine available. From Japanese style seafood to hearty Russian pastries and soups, visitors will have the perfect opportunity to try plenty of new and interesting foods.


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