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Cruising to Paris, France

Wandering around Paris, we can hardly blame you if you feel at times as though you've wandered onto a film set. Grandiose courtyards. Magnificent palaces. Extravagant gardens. It's no wonder its reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in the world is secure.
From the jagged shapes of the gothic Notre Dame Cathedral to the smooth lines of the ever-present Eiffel Tower, there is always something interesting on the skyline. The great and the towering is balanced nicely with the intimate and the detailed, which is what makes it such a joy to explore.
So what can you get up to around here? Play at being a Parisian by sitting in the attractive squares, each lined with attractive cafes. The locals are an outdoorsy folk and can be spotted in the open air at all times of year, even in the pouring rain.
Or explore the crevices and corners of one of the many food markets, where fruit and vegetables are piled up to form blocks of the most lurid colours imaginable. 
You need to make sure you've checked off a few essential landmarks off your bucket list. Attractions such as the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sacre Coeur and the River Seine are famous the world over. Be smiled at by the Mona Lisa. See if you can spy the shadow of Quasimodo.
It's worth remembering that Paris will feel very different depending on what time of year you're here. Be prepared for floods of tourists and a carnival atmosphere during the summer. Anticipate a fresh feel during spring, and an all-round festive environment in the winter.
Public transport is generally efficient with 14 metro lines, buses and a tramway. Night buses are also in operation; all of which makes it very easy for you to see as much of the City of Light as possible during your stay here.
Paris, France

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