Perpignan, France

Cruising to Perpignan, France

Perpignan languishes at the bottom of the Pyrenees, and is as much Catalan as it is French. Its mix of cultures is one of its strongest points and it extends beyond the fact that it is on the Spanish and French border. Here, North African accents are just as common as Spanish and French, and you might hear all sorts of languages on the streets.
Once upon a time, Perpignan was the capital of the kingdom of Mallorca, a Mediterranean power that stretched as far as Montpellier to the north and the outer Balearic Islands to the south. It is still considered one of the most interesting Catalan cities, after Barcelona and Lleida. You'll be able to sample local food and wine, while stunning leftovers from the Roman Empire will prove a strong pull for the history fans.
Check out the Palais des Rois de Majorque, originally used as the King's residence up until the 14th century. The gardens and the courtyard of this imposing citadel are truly incredible. Also worth a visit are the Cathedrale Saint-Jean - the many layers of stone that form the walls are quite a sight.
Cuisine and culture, architecture and atmosphere. Could you ask for anything more?
Perpignan, France

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