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Grecia Crociere

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Greece is blessed with thousands of unique and individually delightful islands dotted all around its coastline, basking in copious amounts of Mediterranean sunshine. The islands each come with their own unique character, history and architecture that have evolved over thousands of years, under the changing rule of the Egyptians, Romans, Venetians and of course the Greeks. With superb sandy beaches, gentle lapping sea and mouth-watering cuisine, the Greek Islands are seemingly designed to be the perfect setting for a cruise holiday.

Cruise holidays to Corfu
Corfu is one of Greece’s most verdant islands and has an elegant capital with charming architecture, an impressive fort, and a 16th Century Church, Agios Spyridhon. Mount Pantokrantor rears up in the north of the island and all around the edges are sandy beaches and small villages. Corfu is a lovely island for a family holiday.

Cruise holidays to Rhodes
Your cruise around the Greek Islands may stop at Rhodes where the main port is dominated by the handsome medieval castle that peers down on the harbour. The turrets and high castle walls give the town its recognisable outline and the squares are filled with restaurants and hubbub in the summer months. Rhodes town is a popular stop off on world cruises.

Cruise holidays to Piraeus (for Athens)
Athens is an eclectic mix of modern day busy life and fantastic ancient temples and Agoras. Wandering through the winding streets of Plaka in the shade of the Acropolis you will be spoilt for choice with restaurants, small shops and bars. With thousands of years of history spread out amongst the hotels and boutiques, Athens is a feast for culture vultures, people watchers and foodies. The impressive Parthenon lives up to its reputation and should not be missed when on a cruise holiday to Greece and her islands.

Cruise holidays to Zakinthos (Zante)
Zakinthos is a sandy island, famous for its pristine beaches and crystal clear water. A preserved sanctuary for Turtles and a dream come true for all budding photographers who are lucky enough to visit Navagio bay, perhaps the most picture postcard beach in the whole of Greece. The main town is lively, buzzing with tavernas and bars and those in search of a slice of a summer beach holiday.

Cruise holidays to Kefalonia
Kefalonia is now famous for being the location for the filming of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and with its natural beauty, small picturesque villages and mountainous backdrops it is no surprise it was chosen. This Ionian island has beautiful architecture, thousands of hectares of olive groves and a warm welcome to visitors passing through on their summer holidays.

Cruise holidays to Katakolon
Katakolon is a charming fishing village with plenty of tavernas and restaurants and a friendly welcoming atmosphere. It is also the nearest coastal port to the Ancient site of Olympia, the hippodrome that dates back to 700BC and the home of the very first Olympic games. The Olympic flame still burns in Olympia and is the origin for the torch relay that precedes our modern day Olympics.

Cruise holidays to Santorini
Santorini is one of the most dramatic and stunningly beautiful of the Greek Islands. Owing much to its volcanic nature, its black sand beaches and towering mountains are perfectly offset with pretty white villages, precariously perched and offering vantage points to views that will astound you. Cruise ships drop anchor in the bay that is rumoured to be the site of the legend of Atlantis and small boats ferry you to the island. You can ride up the winding tracks on donkeys or take a more comfortable drive up the mountainside to Thera, a superb spot to watch in awe at the kaleidoscopic sunsets over the sea,

Cruise holidays to Heraklion
The capital of Crete and a city that is bustling with modern life, set against a backdrop of Byzantine churches and guarded closely along the harbour front by its Venetian Fortress. Within close proximity are the ancient ruins of Knossos, in fact Crete has an abundance of history and natural beauty to justify a cruise and stay. If you have enough time on the island, a hike through the Samaria Gorge is a fantastic experience.

Cruise holidays to Mykonos
One of the most cosmopolitan of the Greek Islands, Mykonos is a vibrant and lively destination with beaches on a par with the Caribbean. Tavernas line the seafront and windmills dot the barren hills in a familiar scene that adorns postcards and calendars. It is one of the Cycladic Islands, instantly recognisable from its pretty white buildings with blue shutters, and it strikes a proud pose as the epitome of the Greek islands.

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