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Cipro Crociere

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Cyprus is a jewel of an island set in a sun-soaked sea. It has everything you could hope for in a Mediterranean holiday destination: a beautiful coastline with abundant sandy beaches, and an interior of dramatic mountains and forests, pretty meadows and ancient ruins. It is also a melting pot of cultures from around the Mediterranean, which have left their mark on its cuisine, its lively, cosmopolitan capital of Nicosia, and the port of Limmasol, the largest city on the island.

Arriving here by cruise ship, you are presented with a wealth of opportunities for enjoying your shore excursion. Limmasol, an Eastern Mediterranean port of call, is also Cyprus’s largest seaside resort, set on the broad curve of the beautiful Akrotiri Bay. Explore the old or the new in the city: the modern marina, the promenade lined with bars, restaurants and shops, or the city’s ancient monuments, the Amanthus Ruins, Limmasol Castle, or the Djasmi Kebir Mosque.

A popular shore excursion is a trip to Paphos on the west coast, one of the most beautiful parts of the island. The journey from Limmasol takes you past picturesque vineyards, orange groves, through a landscape dotted with ancient ruins and charming villages. The road gives magnificent views of the sea and mountains. Paphos is the location of the famous Rock of Aphrodite, where legend has it that the goddess of love rose from the sea. It is certainly lovely enough to imagine the scene. You can lie here and soak up the sun, or get lively in the nearby water park, or try out a variety of water sports and other beach activities.

For lovers of ancient history, take a trip out to Phassouri and the Greco-Roman ruins of Curium, where the magnificent amphitheatre facing out to sea is a feast for the eye and the imagination. Don’t miss the lovely mosaic floors, or overlook the charming village Omodos, which is famous for its lacework and excellent local wine.

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