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The highly successful Viking River Cruises have now stepped out into the vast ocean waters to bring their customers a whole new experience. With their deep belief in immersing their customers to the fullest by specially tailoring their cruises to their customers’ tastes, Viking Ocean Cruises are looking for the best destinations with all-new itineraries and they want you to be on board with them.

Many of Viking Cruises’ customers will remember the many excursions, activities and opportunities to get involved with on their cruise, all of which were done in the comfort and luxury of their magnificent and iconic longboats. Visits to local markets sprawling with stunning selections of products, fascinating displays of live craftsmanship, and tours of exclusive museums, private collections and famous landmarks. Viking Cruises are now taking all of this – their incredible Viking Experience – to brand new and amazing destinations.

Spearheading all of this is their first cruise ship, the Viking Star, a 930-passenger liner complete with luxurious suites, 2 pools, 2 restaurants, shop, spa, fitness centre and more. Although the Viking Star has yet to have its maiden voyage in May 2015, it has already produced a phenomenal standing with customers – no doubt making it a sign of what is to come as Viking Cruises strives harder to meet their customers’ expectations. With such an amazing history of service in its River Cruises and substantial promise, Viking Ocean Cruises is without a doubt a must-have for those who are looking for the best on their holiday.

And that’s not all. As the name suggests, the Viking Star, shines the way for its two sister ships, the Viking Sea and Viking Sun, who are to follow its elder in 2017. As sisters of exact identity, Viking Cruises are ensuring that as little of their customers are being left out of the experience. You can be sure that with highly capable and attentive staff, experienced and informative guides and whole new experiences never before available, each of the Viking sisters will treat you with surprises every time you jump on board.

Climb on board now and live life the Viking way.

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