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Cruising in China

You would be hard pressed to find more variety in a single country. Ever.

The People's Republic of China could be likened to a whole continent in a single country. As the third largest country in the world and with a population of 1.2 billion, it is actually larger and more populous than many continents.

As one would expect, the sheer diversity and number of excursions available to cruisers is staggering, because of this, cruises here often include stays at the beginning or end of your voyage. Home to every type of climate, China offers beaches, deserts, fjords, cities, mountains and jungles to name a few. Add to this some of the most spectacular historical and architectural monuments in the world, and you have a travel destination catering for all desires.

What to see and do:

  • Hainan Island hosts beautiful beaches which are open all year and ideal for a relaxing. The waters of the Pacific and its equatorial position combine to make sure that there is never any hint of winter.
  • The majestic boulevards and temples of Beijing have to be seen in real life to be appreciated. 5000 years in the making the city is still changing all the time and there is an incredible amount to take in. Over 80 km around, the whole city is laid out according to the ancient principles of Feng Shui.
  • Tianamen Square played host to the worst student riots ever to grace our television screens but it is still a wonder to behold. Never yet filled it is said to have been designed to hold 500,000 people; the number of chequerboard squares which make it up. Just beyond Tianamen Square, through the massive Tianamen Gate, is the Forbidden City. No foreigner was ever allowed to enter this part of Beijing until the death of the last emperor in 1912. The palace within the city is a once in a lifetime sight and is said to contain 9,999 rooms because only heaven could be so perfect as to hold 10,000.
  • Nearly 3,000 years old and built to keep the barbaric Mongol hordes out of China the Great Wall deserves a visit. 4,000 miles long and housing the tombs of countless Chinese noblemen and rulers it is the only manmade object which can be seen with the naked eye from space. The best bases to choose for seeing it are Badaling and Mutianyu.
  • A short flight from Beijing, in Xian, you will find the famous Terracotta Army guarding the tomb of one of China’s ancient emperors. As the ancient capital of China, Xian is also host to countless other noble tombs and some fantastic museums. The central image a traveller is left with, however, is 8,000 individual perfectly sculpted warriors in full armour guarding their dead emperor.

Some of our favourite activities:

  • Cycling - bikes can be rented all over the country, even in the smallest towns. Traverse the mountains, boulevards or fishing villages.
  • Walking and hiking - guides are easy to find and don’t cost the world. Some of the most spectacular walks in the world are to be found in China, for example, a walk along the top of the Great Wall of China.

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