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Hong Kong Cruise Guide

25 Aug 2016 | by Natalie Law

Updated September 2017


The pearl of the Orient

Although best known for its spectacular skyline, Hong Kong has many other surprises up its sleeve. With Chinese traditions, colonial roots, and stylish modern culture all entwined in this sparkling island metropolis, you’ll be amazed at the diversity of experiences you’ll encounter on your visit here.

The first point to mention is the excellent transport system, making getting around this huge place surprisingly effortless. Hong Kong claims to have one of the world’s safest, most efficient and frequent public transport systems, with the convenient Octopus Card to make payments easy and streamlined. This card can be used to take the MTR (Mass Transit Railway), ferries, and buses, and can also be used in a variety of shops as a contactless payment method.

Planet Cruise Hong Kong

On the North Shore of Hong Kong Island, glittering high-rises shoot upwards towards the sky. The main urban area is here, with traces of the old colony evident in the English place names and double decker trams trundling along the shoreline. This part of the city is bursting with energy and vibrant sights.

Just across the beautiful Victoria Harbour, you’ll discover the Kowloon Peninsula on the Chinese mainland. Here you can wander the glitzy shops and fascinating museums, and find an incredible view of the Hong Kong Skyline from Tsim Sha Tsui at the tip of the mainland. Travel further north and you’ll come across the famous Temple Street Market in Mong Kok, and the spiritual sights of the Wong Tai Sin Temple and Chi Lin Nunnery.

Planet Cruise Hong Kong

Back on the Island, there are beautiful beaches and hiking opportunities just a short journey from the city centre. So, once you’ve had your fill of urban sights, you can escape to the tranquillity of sprawling country parks and mountains.

Hong Kong is commonly recognised as Asia’s culinary capital, with gastronomic influences from Shanghai, Vietnam, Japan, and Europe. You can tuck into a bowl of wonton noodles, mouth-watering dim sum, or the innovative creations from a renowned celebrity chef. There’s something for every taste and budget in the thriving restaurant scene here.

Planet Cruise Hong Kong

Explore the cafes, restaurants, and street food vendors of Old Town Central, to discover a true taste of Hong Kong. The blend of tradition and modern innovations in this area, creates a wonderful, unique atmosphere which keeps visitors returning time and again.

Keith Maynard's Top Tips

Why I love Hong Kong

by Sales Manager Boyd Duczynski

"Hong Kong is an eclectic mix of modern and colonial styles, and a blend of communism and capitalism. Physically, it’s also a fusion of the urban and the natural, as most of Hong Kong is actually an untouched wilderness, not the high rise spectacle that first meets the eye.

I recommend this as one of the world’s most iconic cities – a real must-see. For me, the bucket-list thing to do here is take in the views from Victoria Peak. But, the story you’ll want to tell all your friends about is a ferry ride across to Lamma Island. Enjoy a fresh seafood dinner here at sunset in the most tranquil of settings."

Explore the dazzling city and truly unique destination and all it has to offer onboard an unforgettable Hong Kong cruise.

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