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New Cruise Ships

29 Jul 2019 | by Ian McAleavy

Updated: June 2024

If you love cruising and you're looking forward to heading off on an exciting holiday, then you'll be pleased to know that 2025 is going to be a fantastic year for new cruise ships from some of the best cruise lines sailing the seven seas. (and you may want to give the latest cruise deals a look while you're here, too!) Keep reading to find out more about the latest cruise ships to set sail and all the newest cruise ships you can expect to start sailing throughout 2025 and beyond!

New Cruise Ships For 2025

Ship Cruise Line Launch Date
MSC World America MSC Cruises Summer 2025
Allura Oceania Cruises 2025
Star of the Seas Royal Caribbean Summer 2025
Norwegian Aqua Norwegian Cruise Line 2025
Celebrity Xcel Celebrity Cruises Late 2025
Disney Destiny Disney Cruise Line 2025
Disney Adventure Disney Cruise Line 2025
Brilliant Lady Virgin Voyages 2025

MSC World America

msc world america

Sailing from Summer 2025, MSC Cruises' MSC World America is whisking cruisers off to the Caribbean with a thrilling selection of exciting itineraries for you to enjoy.

An incredible addition to MSC Cruises' fleet, you'll find yourself with an abundance of activities to enjoy while onboard; from the impressive Sportplex (offering a tennis court, a basketball court, and more) to the thrilling Cliffhanger (the world's first over-the-water swing ride at sea), there's excitement everywhere on MSC World America. And, with seven unique districts to discover, each with its own selection of restaurants, bars, and lounges, you'll be faced with a wealth of options when it comes to places to eat and drink.

If you're looking forward to setting sail on MSC World America already, you can find out more about what to wear on a cruise right here; you may be surprised to learn that every cruise line has it's own specific dress code and special event evenings!

Key Stats:

  • Gross Tonnage: 215,863
  • Guest Capacity: 6,762
  • Crew: 2,126
  • Total Cabins: 2,614 (~1,699 balcony cabins)

Oceania Allura

oceania allura

Oceania Cruises' newest cruise ship, Allura, is easily one of the most exciting on this list. With opulence at the forefront of every experience Oceania offers, you'll find all of this cruise line's firm favourites on this truly remarkable vessel.

Ember and Toscana, popular Oceania Cruises' restaurants, compliment the exceptional main dining venue onboard. And, panoramic sea views provide a sensational backdrop for comfortable lounges like Horizons. If that isn't enough, you'll be able to try your hand at cooking in the Culinary Center and try your luck at table games in the Casino. It might be a small ship, but you'll still find yourself with more than enough to do during sea days.

We know you might not need five reasons to cruise in luxury, but you can find just that right here (if you're on the fence about booking with Oceania).

Key Stats:

  • Gross Tonnage: 67,000
  • Guest Capacity: 1,200
  • Crew: 800
  • Total Cabins: 612 (~593 balcony cabins)

Star of the Seas

star of the seas

The new Royal Caribbean ship really is a Star of the Seas, as its name suggests. You're not going to want to miss out on a sensational sailing aboard this incredible vessel when it embarks on its maiden voyage in Summer 2025.

Boasting an excellent array of onboard activities, such as the Flowrider surf machine and Adrenaline Peak climbing wall alongside the Absolute Zero ice arena and daring Crown's Edge open-air adventure, you'll find yourself with plenty to do during sea days. And, with more than 40 ways to dine (including Royal Caribbean favourites like Chops Grille and El Loco Fresh), you'll definitely find more than a few things you'll like when it comes to sensational snacks and delicious dishes.

If you want to get a taste of what you can expect beyond this, you can find out more about the top 10 Royal Caribbean cruise highlights right here.

Key Stats:

  • Gross Tonnage: 250,000
  • Guest Capacity: 7,600
  • Crew: 2,350
  • Total Cabins: 2,805 (~1,963 balcony cabins)

Norwegian Aqua

norwegian aqua

Norwegian Cruise Line's third Prima Class ship, Norwegian Aqua promises every guest an unforgettable getaway (and it certainly looks like it's going to deliver just that)! You'll find a wonderful selection of Caribbean cruises and transatlantic itineraries among the first few voyages on this cruise ship.

With Norwegian Aqua home to the cruise line's first specialty Thai restaurant (Sukhothai) and first fully plant-based menu (Planterie), even Norwegian Cruise Line veterans will find something fresh when they set sail on this remarkable vessel. When you're not eating and drinking, you'll find recreation and relaxation in equal measures. The Glow Court (a futuristic sports spot) is the perfect place to compete with friends and family, or you could always take a dip in the infinity pools at Infinity Beach (a great place to watch the sun set in the evenings. Whatever type of day you want to have, you'll have plenty of options to choose from on Norwegian Aqua.

If you're wondering why you should think about sailing with Norwegian Cruise Line and Norwegian Aqua (eventually), you can read more on 10 unmissable natural wonders to see on a cruise right here.

Key Stats:

  • Gross Tonnage: 156,300
  • Guest Capacity: 3,571
  • Crew: 1,388
  • Total Cabins: 1,760 (~1,232 balcony cabins)

Celebrity Xcel

celebrity xcel

Celebrity Xcel, Celebrity Cruises' newest Edge Class ship, is set to start sailing in late 2025 and you won't want to miss an exciting itinerary aboard this sensational ship.

With Celebrity Cruises' famous Magic Carpet on the starboard size and an expanded Rooftop Garden, there's going to be plenty of places to grab a delicious drink and marvel at some spectacular sea views on Celebrity Xcel. When it comes to dining options, Celebrity Cruises classics like Raw on 5 and Normandie make a return with refreshing menus of sensational cuisine. And, you'll also find the Grand Plaza and Celebrity Theater among the live entertainment venues on Celebrity Xcel; so, you'll find yourself with plenty to enjoy in your evenings onboard.

Wondering what that live entertainment might entail? Well, get a taste of performances gone by with our article on cruise ship entertainment here; what you'll see on Celebrity Xcel will be even more impressive, but this will give you a sense of the sort of thing to expect.

Key Stats:

  • Gross Tonnage: 140,600
  • Guest Capacity: 3,260
  • Crew: 1,440
  • Total Cabins: 1,646 (~1,333 balcony cabins)

Disney Destiny

disney destiny

Disney Destiny is the latest cruise ship to join Disney Cruise Line's magical fleet and it promises to dazzle and delight with fun for all the family and Disney-themed venues and attractions (just like the other incredible Disney Cruise Line ships)!

With three main themed dining rooms and a selection of sensational spots for light bites and drinks, every mealtime will be just as magical as the rest of your experience onboard. Not only this, but you'll be able to enjoy all the latest Disney (and Pixar) movies onboard alongside incredible West End-calibre theatrical performances. Oh, and if you're lucky, you may even have the chance to meet Captain Mickey and more of your favourite Disney characters (new and old) onboard. So, no matter what you end up doing, you're certain to have an absolute blast while aboard Disney Destiny.

While you're here, why not read up on the top 10 Disney Cruise Line highlights right here!

Key Stats:

  • Gross Tonnage: 144,000
  • Guest Capacity: 4,000
  • Crew: 1,555
  • Total Cabins: 1,256 (~880 balcony cabins)

Disney Adventure

disney adventure

Another new Disney Cruise Line ship is on the way! Disney Adventure, as the name suggests, promises to take everyone aboard on an adventure to some exciting destinations in Asia when it starts sailing in 2025.

In a similar fashion to the rest of Disney Cruise Line's fleet, you can expect to enjoy a fantastic array of themed venues (including restaurants, bars, lounges, and lunch spots) on Disney Adventure. You'll also be able to enjoy enchanting entertainment in the form of live theatrical performances, character meet-and-greets, and cinema showings of Disney movies new and classic. And, with several stunning swimming pools to enjoy, you can sun-soak and splash to your heart's content — all while sailing to some spectacular spots in Asia and beyond.

Want to cruise during spooky season? Who doesn't! You can find out what to expect when it comes to Halloween onboard with Disney Cruise Line right here.

Key Stats:

  • Gross Tonnage: 208,000
  • Guest Capacity: 6,000
  • Crew: 2,300
  • Total Cabins: 2,350 (~1,645 balcony cabins)

Brilliant Lady

brilliant lady

Virgin Voyages' Brilliant Lady is shaping up to be a brilliant cruise ship for holidaymakers to set sail on when it debuts in 2025. Offering up some exciting North America cruise itineraries, you'll have a getaway packed with excitement from start to finish onboard this vessel.

An adults-only cruise ship, you'll be able to enjoy more than 20 dining destinations onboard (like the Razzle Dazzle Restaurant and Bento Baby), a wonderful selection of bars and lounges (with The Manor and The Dock House among those offering live entertainment), and everything else you would expect from a modern cruise ship from Virgin Voyages (like The Groupie, a private karaoke spot, and an outdoor gym)! Whether you're looking for rest and relaxation, a little recreation, or even a blend of both, you'll be spoilt for choice on Brilliant Lady.

If you're reading this and you've decided that you want to head to the Big Apple on your cruise holiday, you can find out more on how to see New York in 24 hours (or, at least, as much of it as possible) right here.

Key Stats:

  • Gross Tonnage: 110,000
  • Guest Capacity: 2,860
  • Crew: 1,160
  • Total Cabins: 1,408 (~1,210 balcony cabins)

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