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The Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the night sky when solar winds flow and hit gas molecules which light up, with a green tint forming a waving diaphanous light that can last for hours. It is an astonishing and awe-inspiring sight that can be seen as far south as Mexico but it is most often spotted in high latitude regions such as the Arctic and Antarctica. Cruises to Northern Norway and Iceland offer a high chance of seeing the Northern Lights between the months of September and April. It is especially good to see the lights from the deck of a cruise ship, which avoids light pollution from towns and cities and gives an even better view than on land.

Cruises to see the Northern Lights are extremely popular and therefore book far in advance and frequently sell out. Our advice is to plan and book early to avoid disappointment. Cruise lines that offer cruises to witness the Northern lights include P&O Cruises, Fred.Olsen, Cruise and Maritime Voyages and Hurtigruten. Hurtigruten are a great choice with their Norwegian region expertise and Northern Lights promise.

These voyages generally depart from the UK and sail up along the coast of Norway, combining the quest for sightings of the Northern Lights with the fabulous Fjords and small fishing villages and towns. On a two week cruise you might venture as far north as Hammerfest, deep within the Arctic Circle and Europe's most Northerly point. As you gradually travel further north the scenery and landscapes become ever more remote and dramatic.

Cruises with a theme, such as 'In search of the Northern Lights', will often have lecturers on board to enhance your experience. You might also learn about astronomy and the history of the area in addition to lectures about the Northern Lights themselves. The crew on board will do all in their power to alert you to any sightings of the Northern Lights so that you don't miss out, and although there is no guarantee that they will appear we have had fantastic feedback from these cruises in the past and so early booking is recommended. Learn more about expedition and adventure cruising.

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