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The ultimate dream for anyone who enjoys cruising is to take a world cruise. It is the pinnacle of travel by sea, to set off from the UK shores and circumnavigate the globe, taking in the wonder of the vast oceans and stopping at prime destinations during the journey. This desire to cross oceans and travel to far off lands has been human nature for centuries, but never has it been as luxurious and pleasurable as it currently is. Now is definitely the time to take a world cruise.

A whole world cruise is usually 80-110 days long, but if you can't escape for that length of time then the answer is to join the cruise for one of the sectors. You can fly out to a chosen destination and join the voyage for a shorter period, anything from a couple of weeks up to 80 days, and then fly home at the end. If you join at the start or the end of the world itinerary you can avoid flying either out or back. Popular world cruise sectors include Singapore to Southampton, Southampton to Dubai, or Cape Town to Southampton. For sectors that start and end abroad, such as Hong Kong to Sydney, it gives you the chance to book hotel nights at the start and end of your holiday, easing any jet lag, and allowing time to savour the sights and culture of these exciting cities.

What to expect from a world cruise:

Usually a world cruise will depart from the UK, generally from Southampton, and then head westbound across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, before sailing through the magnificent Panama Canal to Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia. From there, you will continue around Asia, India and then possibly through the Suez Canal or via South Africa before journeying back to the UK.  Some world cruises sail eastbound taking the same general route but in reverse.

If you are thinking of a world cruise as a celebration of an anniversary or birthday you might treat yourself to a luxury cruise, for a holiday of a lifetime. Spending Christmas on board is particularly special, as there are always festive gala dinners and balls to mark the occasion.

If a world cruise is a holiday you have been dreaming of but have not yet managed to commit to, then a mini cruise could be the perfect sampler cruise to get you in the mood. A two night cruise on board will help you decide if you have chosen the right cruise line for you to journey around the world with. Are you looking for formal nights, set dining times and glittering balls? Or is a more leisurely and casual approach to dining and dressing more suited to you? Or if time is still a factor then try a transatlantic cruise to experience the glory of the ocean and the excitement of your approach into New York, with the towering skyline to greet you.

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