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Welcome to the land of the unimaginable. A cruise to Asia will see you swept away on an exhilarating exploration that nowhere else in the world compares.

Asia is an enchanted paradise of breath-taking landscapes that offer a new discovery at every turn. A place where postcard images become real, local cuisine is tasted just from its aroma and the frantic cities captivate you with their striking architecture.

From the soaring skyscrapers of Hong Kong’s metropolitan city, the ancient temples of Cambodia and the breath-taking beaches of Vietnam to the bustling local markets of Bangkok, the shopping-heaven of China and the bright lights of Singapore – there is so much to be explored.

Asia is a place where old meets new. One minute you will be strolling through winding streets lined with century-old spice stalls and the next you are faced with blinding lights reflecting from the mighty skyscrapers that stand before you.

As well as the buzzing cities, enjoy remote villages surrounded by glistening lakes where traditional fishing and low-populated communities express a humble way of life.

Cruising to this part of the world will take you on a journey of intriguing discovery. Sailing past the cities mesmerizing skylines, dock close to the remote areas and take you to some of the most picturesque beaches you will ever see.

Things to do

Cruise lines offer an extensive range of excursions that will allow you to make the most of this fascinating part of the world.

Our favourites include:

  • Snorkelling, Phuket – Phi Phi Island in Phuket is one of the best places to snorkel in the world. This awe-inspiring island is home to an enraptured underwater jungle that will allow you dive into alluring corals bursting with exciting marine life.
  • Sightseeing – You do not have to book an excursion to do this and sightseeing in Asia is a must. Don some comfortable shoes and grab your camera to explore this fascinating land to your hearts content.


Weather patterns in Asia can differ depending where you are but typically Asia has a tropical climate with warm temperatures.

The areas in the south-west of Asia are the hottest and southern areas get slightly cooler. Temperatures around the whole of Asia tend to be 30-35°c year-round and slightly higher during March and June.

Some parts of the Far East have a rainy season between May and October and you can expect to encounter short, sharp downpours during this time.

Special Events

  • Chinese New year: Celebrating the turn of the Chinese Calendar, there is nowhere better to experience this holiday than China itself. The festival lasts for about 23 days and sees huge street parties, carnivals and special meals.
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