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China Cruise Deals

The People’s Republic of China could be likened to a whole continent in a single country. As the third largest country in the world and with a population of 1.2 billion, China is home to every type of climate and offers beaches, deserts, fjords, cities and more. Add spectacular historical and architectural monuments and you have the perfect travel destination. The majestic boulevards and temples of Beijing are a must-see, 5000 years in the making the city is still changing all the time. Nearly 3,000 years old and built to keep the barbaric Mongol hordes out of China, the Great Wall is 4,000 miles long and houses the tombs of countless Chinese noblemen. As the ancient capital of China, Xian also hosts a special collection: the 8,000 sculpted warriors of the Terracotta Army, guarding their dead emperor. More cruises here.

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