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Alaska & Rocky Mountaineer Cruise

The great land of Alaska is one of the most breath-taking places on earth. America's last frontier is
home to a wealth of natural wonders found throughout this spectacular snow covered landscape.

Alaska Destination   |    Bespoke Alaska & Rocky Mountaineer

The Alaska Cruise Experience

Alaska has fast become one of the most intriguing cruise destinations to experience in recent years. Alaska cruise sailing routes delve deep into the Inside Passage, past glaciers, waterfalls and through winding fjords. Discover the unspoilt and uncrowded treasures of this immense region.

Wake up to a new breath-taking view every day onboard an Alaska cruise. Watch majestic wildlife from the comfort of your cabin balcony as your cruise ventures through the icy blue nutrient rich waters of Alaska.

An Alaska cruise will introduce you to a marvellous range of sights. Encounter the gigantic creatures of the deep as pods of graceful humpback whales and orcas dive deep to feed. Navigate through emerald waters as glaciers drop colossal icebergs. Gaze out at the dramatic volcanic valleys, the ever changing landscapes and narrow waterways. Watch as brown bears roam along the shores of their natural habitat. Discover the enriching cultures of the native Indians and if you’re feeling spontaneous, embrace a late night adventure to see the stunning natural Northern Light phenomena.

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The Rocky Mountaineer Experience

Rocky Mountaineer offers the most magnificent way to explore the Canadian Rockies. Pristine wilderness unfolds as you wind along canyons, climb pine-covered slopes, or pass the exotic Pacific Rainforest.  It’s not just the renowned routes that make them so iconic. It’s the entire travel package.

Expert Advice - “Enjoy some time in the outdoor viewing areas - nothing beats the smells and the sounds you encounter winding along the track. Keep an eye out for local wildlife, as bears, deer, elk and prairie dogs are a few of the animals seen along our routes.” - Craig Upshall, Rocky Mountaineer.

The world-class professional hosts are highly informative and fantastic storytellers. Listen as they share tales of the local area, while they serve your gourmet meals. Aboard the impressive glass-domed carriages, you’ll have extended views of beautiful scenery in all directions, always during daylight. Comfort and luxury meet pure wilderness; take a train journey with a difference and let nature come to you.

Rocky Mountaineer & Alaska

Whether you’re an avid nature enthusiast, passionate about cruising or simply interested in seeking new corners of discovery then look no further. Visitors looking for an unforgettable expedition to discover Alaska and Canadas Rocky Mountains can now explore the highlights of these two iconic nations on a combined travel package. Planet Cruise presents a selection of Alaska Cruises featuring the renowned Rocky Mountaineer train journey.

There is no better way to explore the Canadian Rockies than by train with Rocky Mountaineer. Carving through Canada's extreme landscapes, passing monumental landmarks and untamed wildlife is a fascinating adventure. Witness the unparalleled beauty of Canadas Rocky peaks and the stunning remote vistas of Canada's western regions. An Alaskan Discovery Cruise from Vancouver including a Rocky Mountaineer journey is one of the most spectacular experiences you will ever have.

Wake up to a new breath-taking view everyday onboard an Alaska cruise, while watching majestic wildlife from the comfort of your cabin balcony as you drift on by. You’ll never believe such natural beauty could exist.

Rocky Mountaineer & Alaska Tour Routes

Planet Cruise presents a variety of different package tours. Choose from a pre-cruise journey beginning in Calgary onboard Rocky mountaineer which will end with a stunning cruise to Alaska. Or cruise the Alaskan coastline first before boarding the train in Vancouver and riding to Alberta where you will finish your journey.

The First Passage to the West and the Western Explorer packages are the most popular routes. The First Passage to the West includes an overnight stay in Banff, before joining the Rocky Mountaineer. The train journey itself includes an overnight stay in Kamloops, before arriving in Vancouver for at least one night, before joining your cruise.

The Western Explorer is our bestselling Rocky Mountaineer package. Your journey will encompass the greatest destinations Canada has to offer in one complete tailor-made package. Traveling on an Eastbound or Westbound itinerary, you’ll enjoy overnight stays, motor coach tours to stunning towns, cities and iconic natural sights. Time spent travelling onboard Rocky Mountaineer will only ever be in daylight, ensuring you don't miss a second of the awe-inspiring landscapes. The standard 7 night package is excellent value and the perfect trip for those eager to explore Canadas picturesque and untouched beauty on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. Some of the magnificent highlights of your Rocky Mountaineer journey will include a stay in Calgary and visits to the famous tower, followed by a fully escorted, full-day tour concluding in Banff. The Western Explorer tour also includes a 12 minute helicopter flightseeing tour in Kananaskis - a summit flight over the remarkable landscape of the Rockies and you will also journey into the beautiful mountain resort town of Jasper. It is here where you will witness the UNESCO Heritage site of the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies. 

On your arrival in Lake Louise, guests will enjoy a stay in the iconic Fairmont Chateaux Lake Louise, before journeying on to Jasper to enjoy more excursions and stays in the beautiful township. No trip in this region would be complete without an Ice Explorer ride to the middle of the Athabasca Glacier, formed by the famous Columbia Icefield - one of the largest accumulations of ice, South of the Arctic Circle. One of the favourite highlights of this trip is the ‘Journey Through the Clouds’, spanning from Vancouver, to Kamloops and to Jasper, before concluding your journey with a stay in Vancouver, ahead of further arrangements for an Alaska cruise, or a flight back home. 

Rocky Mountaineer Service Levels

Experience the luxury and comfort that is simply beyond compare. GoldLeaf and SilverLeaf Services present the ultimate Rocky Mountaineer adventure. 

GoldLeaf Service

GoldLeaf guests will enjoy:

• Custom designed glass domed coach with full-length windows set on two levels, boasting unparalleled panoramic views.
• Exclusive dining facilities. Indulge in the wonderful à la carte menu offering gourmet cuisine during breakfast and lunch, served in the comfort of the    GoldLeaf dining room.
• Complimentary beverages and snacks.
• Hotel stays in the wonderful selection of Fairmont hotels throughout your holiday.
• Take in the fresh mountain air from the covered vestibule.

Silverleaf Service

Silverleaf guests will enjoy:

• Let the breath-taking scenery come to you through the custom-designed, single level glass dome coach windows.
• Delicious hot entrée dining options served and plated at your seat to your preference for breakfast and lunch.
• Wide selection of Complimentary beverages and gourmet snacks.
• Hotel stays in the wonderful selection of Fairmont hotels throughout your holiday.
• Overnight hotel stays in popular accommodations.

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