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Cruising at Home - Cruise Quiz

01 Apr 2020 | by Akemi Bunce

The Big Cruise Quiz - Episode 2

Ready for some more questions to test your cruise knowledge? Team up with your family or give it a go on your own - when you're finished, scroll down for the answers and let us know how you did!

Round 1: Cruise ships

  1. Which ship has the world's first roller coaster at sea?
  2. On which ship has been set a Netflix film in 2018?
  3. Who is the Godmother of Celebrity Edge?
  4. Which ship has a tattoo parlour onboard?
  5. On which NCL ship was first introduced an Ice Bar?

Round 2: Destinations

  1. Which Alaskan town is only accessible by boat or by a one-way tunnel?
  2. Where in the world will you find the ground-dwelling Kakapo parrot?
  3. In which country can you stand with one foot in the northern hemisphere, and one foot in the southern hemisphere?
  4. Where in the world will you find the iconic architecture of Antoni Gaudí?
  5. Where will you find the home of Anne of Green Gables?

Round 3: General knowledge

  1. Which popular film company has a cruise line?
  2. Which cruise line has virtual balconies in inside cabins so everyone can enjoy the view?
  3. Which cruise line has partnered with LEGO to create special activity days for all the family?
  4. Which cruise line allows you to bring your dog onboard selected sailings?
  5. On which Cruise line was set the American TV show Love Boat?


Round 1: Cruise ships

  1. Carnival Mardi Gras - Built for thrill seekers, Carnival Mardi Gras features BOLT, a nearly 800ft roller coaster ride which offers 360 degree ocean views. As well as this, you'll find the biggest water park in Carnival Cruises' fleet.
  2. Harmony of the Seas - Royal Caribbean's popular ship made her Hollywood debut in the Netflix original film, 'Like Father', starring Kristen Bell, Kelsey Grammer and Seth Rogen.
  3. Malala Yousafzai - Known for her advocacy for female education and empowerment, the Nobel Peace prize winner Malala Yousafzai took part in the bottle smashing ceremony for Celebrity Edge last year.
  4. Scarlet lady - Virgin Voyages have come up with a fantastic way for you to commemorate your cruise holiday with the first ever tattoo parlour at sea, Squid ink.
  5. Norwegian Epic - Offering ice cool refreshments - literally - the Ice Bar is a unique setting for a special occasion, but don't forget to wrap up warm and bring your camera.

Round 2: Destinations

  1. Whittier - Known as 'the town under one roof', Whittier is home to around 217 people, where almost everyone lives in the same building.
  2. New Zealand - These nocturnal, flightless birds can only be found in New Zealand, and are known for their inquisitive, funny personalities and plump bodies.
  3. Ecuador - The official name of Ecuador translates to "Republic of the equator". Ecuador's capital city Quito is situated in the very centre of the invisible line.
  4. Barcelona, Spain - The famous architect spent most of his life in Barcelona, where you'll find many buildings featuring his unique masterpieces.
  5. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island - Fans of the iconic character will love Charlottetown's festival which showcases the Anne of Green Gables musical.

Round 3: General knowledge

  1. Walt Disney - Operating their first cruise in 1998, Disney Cruise Line have brought the magic of everyone's favourite films to the sea ever since.
  2. Royal Caribbean - While inside balconies may not be your thing, Royal Caribbean have enhanced the experience with virtual balconies. These floor-to-ceiling displays show off the stunning view and sounds in real time, meaning you won't miss a moment of the scenery even inside.
  3. MSC Cruises - As well as colourful and creative play areas, you'll find a special LEGO event onboard with countless activities for kids to exercise their imagination.
  4. Cunard - Onboard Queen Mary 2 you can book a kennel for your precious pooch and enjoy your cruise holiday with man's best friend.
  5. Princess, Pacific Princess - The hit US show was filmed onboard Pacific Princess from 1976 until the late 1990s.
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