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My trip to the Galapagos: Day 7

18 Dec 2018 | by Steve Ward

Day 7 – Espinoza Island – Fernandina – Walking Tour

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Today we head out on the zodiacs and sailed in for a dry landing on a jetty. On the journey, we could see more of the volcanoes that surrounded us, as it was a very clear day. In fact, the sun was blaring down on us so I was grateful for the factor 90 sun lotion that Michal had brought along!

On the way to the jetty, we saw sea lions, turtles and rays. When we arrived it felt like we were going on a safari as there were reefs and bushes all around us. The drivers of the zodiacs on Celebrity Xpedition are really talented in the way they get into these little islands and spot the different wildlife.

This island had Marine Iguanas all over. I was so curious watching them, as they kind of nod their heads up and down to show that this is their land. They also shoot salt out of their nose which is apparently a way that they have adapted to get rid of the salt they inhale from the sea. We also saw more sea lions. These ones seemed a bit more playful in the little rock pools that were on the island.

As well as these creatures we saw all kinds of different birds. These included the striated heron, Galapagos hawk, and what a sight it was to see the flightless concord spread its wings, silhouetting itself in front of the sea and sun!


Day 7 – Fernandina Island Snorkel

In the afternoon we went back out to snorkel around the island of Fernandina. This might possibly be the best experience I’ve ever had while travelling. Before we hit the water, there was a sea lion trying to snatch my mask out of my hands while I washed it. He was playing with us and playing with the boat. And once we got into the water he was playing with us more.

What do I mean by playing? Well, he was swimming alongside me, swimming in circles around me, and he even came up and kissed the GoPro I was holding. It was an experience that was truly once and a lifetime. From here he swam off and played with a few other snorkelers. I swam off and actually had a penguin dart across in front of me! It was going too fast for me to take a photo though sadly.

Next, I came across the sea turtles. I managed to follow one for a good 10 minutes, it was amazing. Once I came to the rocky area of the water I thought that was going to be it, but no! It was then I saw the biggest sea turtle I have EVER Seen. It was amazing. She must have been well over 150 years old.


Day 7 – Fernandina Island, Whales

After the snorkelling, we got back onboard the ship and sailed from Fernandina Island to Isabella Island. On the journey the captain on Celebrity Xpedition made an announcement over the tannoy; there were whales! Everyone rushed to grab their cameras and go out on the deck. The captain had turned the ship so everyone could see these marvellous beasts… and little did he disappoint.

There must have been at least ten whales around the ship. We saw them popping up everywhere and blowing the water up through their blowholes. It was nearly an hour of unexpected astonishment. I for one am gobsmacked that I got to see this.


Day 7 – Pta Vincente Roca

Next we went out snorkelling again, but it was a very different experience. The main animal we saw was turtles, but we didn’t see one or two - we saw almost a hundred! While swimming it was like going through a minefield - they were everywhere; big ones, small ones, females, males, and babies. It was a scary but an amazing experience seeing so many of my favourite animals up close and personal.

Once we got back we were told that the reason why there were so many was because this is where the turtles had just laid their eggs, so they were protecting them. It was quite scary trying to stay out of their way but worth it to see so many of these animals.




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