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F1 Grand Prix Cruise

Abu Dhabi

The apex of international motorsport is the Formula One Grand Prix. Held in 23 magnificent locations across the world, throughout racing weekends, millions of people from around the world will tune in; but nothing compares to experiencing the intensity and excitement in person.

Pick from a range of Grand Prix cruises in 2023 in a selection of different destinations, from Japan to Monaco and Spain, as the Grand Prix 2023 calendar draws closer!

When is the Grand Prix 2023?

Abu Dhabi

Courtesy of Motorsport Images

In May, June, September, and November 2023, 23 different cities across the world will host the F1 Grand Prix. All featuring unique circuits, it’s guaranteed to be a Grand Prix unlike any other.

Grand Prix 2023 Dates

  • Monaco - 28th May 2023
  • Barcelona - 4th June 2023
  • Monza - 3rd September 2023
  • Singapore - 17th September 2023
  • Japan - 24th September 2023
  • Abu Dhabi - 26th November 2023

Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2023


Courtesy of Motorsport Images

The Monaco Grand Prix continues to be the highlight of the F1 schedule because of the destination's glamour, breathtaking scenery, illustrious history, and esteemed principality.

When race day in Monaco arrives, the Grand Prix's excitement reaches a fever pitch. The vibrant party scene surrounding the track matches the action-packed racing on it. An annual event since 1929, prior to the racing weekend, the circuit is set up over a six-week period along the Principality's well-known streets, increasing the excitement amongst residents and those travelling specially to watch the race.

A sweeping tunnel and a small track with elevation changes, sharp turns, and difficulties passing; those are just some of the extraordinary features of the Monaco circuit. This makes it one of the toughest Formula One courses.

The track's small, punishing width and challenging overtaking conditions have made it famous. And fans can anticipate a gripping race that every driver hopes to win. This race has previously been won by Moss, Hill, Senna, Schumacher, and Hamilton.

Race Information

  • Circuit Length: 3.337km (2.074 miles)
  • Race Length: 260.286km (161.734 miles)
  • Laps: 78
  • Most Wins (Drivers): Ayrton Senna - 6
  • Most Wins (Constructors): McLaren - 15

Race Date: 28th May 2023

Monza Grand Prix 2023


On September 3, 2023, 53 thrilling laps of the legendary Autodromo Nazionale Monza will be used for the 2023 Italian Grand Prix. The spectacular 5.793-kilometer circuit, built in 1922, has a 1.1-kilometer start/finish straight, a number of exciting banked turns, and tight chicanes.

Locals refer to it as "La Pista Magica" since it has hosted the most Grand Prix races since it was built (a championship has been contested here continuously since 1950). In fact, Jan Pablo Montoya achieved the fastest F1 lap ever at this location during the 2004 Grand Prix!

Race Information

  • Circuit Length: 5.793km (3.599 miles)
  • Race Length: 306.72km (109.58 miles)
  • Laps: 53
  • Most Wins (Drivers): Michael Schumacher - 5
  • Lewis Hamilton - 5
  • Most Wins (Constructors): Ferrari - 20

Due to its accessible location just outside of Milan, the Monza track is simple to reach by local trains, buses, trams, and the metro. Monza train station is easily reachable from Milan by train in about 20 minutes.

Race Date: 3rd September 2023

Barcelona F1 Grand Prix 2023


Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is a lovely Mediterranean city. It’s home to one of the most iconic skylines in the world, as well as an abundance of historical sites, sun-kissed beaches, and mouth-watering food.

The Spanish Grand Prix traditionally serves as the curtain-raiser to begin the European racing calendar. The inaugural race was contested in 1913, and since then it has been a fixture on the F1 schedule. The Spanish F1 Grand Prix has been held at the F1 Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Montmelo since 1991.

This track, which is known for delivering spectacular races and heart-pounding finishes, is fuelled by action at every turn, and all of the drivers will be competing to capture the coveted title of Spanish champion.

The Barcelona-Catalunya racing track is around 30 minutes' drive from the busy city centre in Montmelo, and it can be reached by train and bus.

It’s been won by two Spanish racers; in 1913, by Carlos de Salamanca and in 2006 and 2013 by Fernando Alonso.

Race Information

  • Circuit Length: 4.675km (2.905 miles)
  • Race Length: 308.424km (191.645 miles)
  • Laps: 66
  • Most Wins (Drivers): Michael Schumacher - 6
  • Lewis Hamilton - 6
  • Most Wins (Constructors): Ferrari -12

Race Date: 4th June 2023

Japanese F1 Grand Prix 2023


The Japanese circuit, Suzuka, has hosted thrilling Formula One races for more than 30 years. Since the renowned figure-of-eight circuit includes so many difficult turns, it is undoubtedly a favourite with drivers and spectators.

In between races, viewers may take advantage of the exciting rides at the amusement park (created by John Hugenholz) and even try out their own speed on the racing kart track. During your visit, you can also sample some of the delicious and traditional Japanese food to get a taste of the region's distinctive and intriguing culture.

Race Information:

  • Race length: 307.471 km (191 miles)
  • Circuit length: 5.807 km (3.608 miles)
  • Laps: 53
  • Most wins (constructors): McLaren (9)
  • Most wins (drivers): Michael Schumacher (6)
  • Number of times held: 47

Race Date: 24th September 2023

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023

Abu Dhabi

Courtesy of Motorsport Images

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, is an opulent, modern metropolis that is located on an island in the Persian Gulf.

The brand-new Yas Marina Circuit is a world-class location for the ultimate F1 experience, offering an incredible spectacle. The racing site provides facilities that are unmatched. Discover the Yas Marina port, which is home to super yachts, the brand-new Ferrari World amusement park, and a five-star hotel that transforms into a different hue each night.

Since it's been built, it has become the city a major player on the world sporting scene. The stunning architecture and cutting-edge amenities are simply breathtaking. And off the racecourse, Abu Dhabi's fun and entertainment never stops. Expect Monaco-style glitz set against a distinctive Arabian background.

Race Information

  • Circuit Length: 5.281km (3.281 miles)
  • Race Length: 306.183km (190.253 miles)
  • Laps: 58
  • Most Wins (Drivers): Lewis Hamilton - 5
  • Most Wins (Constructors): Mercedes & Red Bull Racing

Race Date: 26th November 2023

Cruises for Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023:

Singapore Grand Prix 2023


Courtesy of Motorsport Images

Singapore is situated off the southernmost point of Malaysia. Unique and modern, the city is renowned for its fashion, food, and breathtaking skylines. When Singapore was added to the Formula 1 schedule in 2008, it made history as the first Grand Prix to be held at night. And due to the complexity of the track and time at which the race occurs, it's clear that this stunning night race is here to stay.

The Singapore Grand Prix 2023 takes place on one of the world's greatest street circuits, with the city's iconic skyline serving as an absolutely stunning background. And since the roads are broad, winding, and famously turbulent, competitors must be skillful and courageous to fight for the lead.

The event is advertised as a national festival rather than merely a motor race. This is indisputable; you must visit and witness this magnificent spectacle for yourself.

Race Information

  • Circuit Length: 5.063km (3.146 miles)
  • Race Length: 308.706km (191.821 miles)
  • Laps: 61
  • Most Wins (Drivers): Sebastian Vettel - 5
  • Most Wins (Constructors): Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull Racing

Race Date: 17th September 2023

2023 Grand Prix Cruises

Discover our wide range of Grand Prix 2023 cruises and make your experience at this incredible event unforgettable. Grand Prix cruises are a unique way to experience the races, whether you've always wanted to visit the Barcelona F1 Grand Prix or the Singapore F1 Grand Prix- the choice is yours!

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