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Huelva Cruise Deals

While Huelva may not be as popular as other parts of Andalucia, it offers a less touristy side of the region ready to be explored. The city of Huelva itself is an attraction for those interested in Christopher Colmbus, with a number of landmarks dedicated to the famous explorer. This is also a great destination for food-lovers to discover local dishes such as chachinas (cured pork sausages) and monkfish cooked in white wine, as well as excellent wines from the Condado de Huelva, which can either be eaten in one of the many restaurants or the fresh ingredients bought in the Mercado del Carmen. If the slightly industrial aspect of the city is less appealing, it's made up for by the surrounding areas of the Natural Park of Marisa del Odiel and the Donana National Park, home to lynx, deer, wild boar, flamingos and other migratory birds.

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