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The Mekong’s navigable regions in Cambodia and Vietnam provide opportunities to experience brilliant South East Asia in a depth that is simply unforgettable. As the longest river in South East Asia, the Mekong ventures into ancient cities of the lost Khmer and great Buddhist temples that display a strong spirituality and tranquillity.  

Upper Mekong

The Chinese region of beautiful Tibet is where the Mekong source flows down its hills into the gorges of the Yunnan province and along the Myanmar-Laos border. South along the border, the Mekong transitions to the Thailand-Laos border, winding its way down through the south part of Laos briefly before entering Cambodia. 

Middle Mekong

After entering Cambodia, it travels south in a weave of smaller streams until it becomes navigable at Krong Kracheh. The nearby lake at Tonle Sap funnels its way southeast adding itself to the Mekong at Phnom Penh. In heavy rain, the Mekong floods up the Tonle Sap river and into the lake. The shallow drafts of river cruise ships allow navigation of Tonle Sap up to Siem Reap, where you can travel to the Khmer city of Angkor. 

Mekong Delta

Crossing the border of Cambodia and Vietnam, the Mekong flows a short distance south east before reaching a network of channels forming the rice-growing Delta of the Mekong. Passing down one of the Delta’s channels, the city of Saigon sits close to the Mekong’s mouth into the South China Sea. Although it is officially known as Ho Chi Minh City, it still remains locally as Saigon and has grown from a formerly French colony Cochinchina to Vietnam’s centre of trade and culture, home to 9 million people.  In total, the Delta’s channels cover 3000 miles (5000km) of water and bustles with fishing rafts and passing trade ships.

Weather & when to go

The tropical region of the Mekong experiences monsoons from May to November, as well as flooding in Phnom Penh and parts of Cambodia in late-July and early-August. As a result, most cruises run from October to April, when it is dry as opposed to European cruises. During this dry season, the temperature is at a constantly warm level and the climate is generally stable.

Where will my cruise start?

The most common cruise runs for 7 nights from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City or reverse.

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