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Why try a cruise to nowhere

15 Dec 2020 | by Akemi Bunce

Why try a cruise to nowhere

Updated Wednesday 23rd March 2021

Having quickly gained attention from avid cruisers and those just dipping their toes into the waters, a cruise to nowhere is an idyllic holiday choice for short, relaxing getaway lasting between one three nights, these voyages go out sea some gorgeous ocean views plenty of duty-free shopping, before returning same port.

With enough time for guests to soak up the sights, sounds and activities onboard, a cruise to nowhere is perfect for enjoying the cruise experience on a shorter timescale. Numerous renowned cruise lines offer these sailings departing from the UK, including Fred. Olsen Cruises, and we expect more and more to offer these brilliant itineraries.

See our full list of cruises to nowhere.

Meanwhile, for more information the cruise restart, please here to preregister your interest, browse all available UK Coastal Cruise sailings and see our comprehensive breakdown on the UK's return to cruising.

Cruises to nowhere Fred Olsen Cruises

1. Find out if cruising is for you

New to the world of cruises? A cruise to nowhere is one of the best ways to enjoy a taste of an ocean-faring holiday without committing to a sailing of seven nights or more. On these short, sweet voyages, you'll have a good opportunity to indulge in delicious cuisine, luxury accommodation and show-stopping entertainment, all while testing your sea legs. These mini cruises also come at fantastic prices, making them excellent value for a taster cruise.

2. Test out a new ship

.With fantastic new ships launching every year, cruisers are spoiled for choice when it comes to innovative entertainment, activities and dining. However, it can be hard to know which of these ships are right for you. Onboard a cruise to nowhere, guests can test out the brand new facilities and cabins at a cheaper price point than your standard longer sailing. To commemorate the launch of a new ship, cruise lines may even offer exclusive cruises to nowhere, with loyalty program members getting first pick.

3. Cruise on a budget

At just a fraction of the cost of your average ten-night cruise, a cruise to nowhere is ideal for those on a budget. Guests will enjoy all the sumptuous cuisine and glamorous entertainment of a longer cruise but on a cheaper fare. While you may not have as much time at sea, you're guaranteed to come away feeling just as relaxed and rejuvenated.

4. Enjoy a last minute weekend getaway

Those who like to book their holidays last minute may find cruises to nowhere the perfect choice. Departing from a range of ports around the UK, and lasting no more than a long weekend, cruises to nowhere are unobtrusive to your busy schedule and a breeze to plan. With no flights or large luggages to worry about, a last minute mini cruise is the ultimate cruise holiday.

5. Celebrate a special occasion

Looking to celebrate a birthday or anniversary in style? Make a special occasion one to truly remember with a cruise to nowhere. At an affordable price and short duration, you and your group can enjoy a specialty dinner reservation followed by glamorous entertainment, live music and thrilling casino games.

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