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Cruising from the UK: British Cruise Ports

As a proud island nation with a long maritime history, it’s no surprise that the United Kingdom has a wide range of cruise ports to start your cruise holiday from. There is no shortage of ports to choose from when it comes to  cruises from the UK with every corner of Britain having at least one fantastic departure cruise port. For example, cruises from Southampton, cruises from Tilbury and cruises from Liverpool offer both iconic world cruises, transatlantic voyages or as the beginning of a wonderful no-fly cruise, or head to your closest regional UK cruise port on a fun mini cruise, Britain has a port to suit your travel and cruising needs.

Popular cruises departing the UK



Advantages of cruising from the UK

There are many advantages to cruising from the UK, with modern travel connections, customer services and, of course, fantastic cruise destinations throughout.

No-fly cruises from the UK are ideal for families wanting to avoid busy airports and long-haul flights, people with mobility issues and those wanting peace of mind with no complicated travel connections, luggage limits or baggage checks. Of course, with many well-connected airports, fly options are also available if you so wish.

If you are starting your no-fly cruise in the UK, you can enjoy:

  1. No long security and passport checks
  2. No official luggage limits - as much as you can carry!
  3. Mobility assistance - contact us
  4. Car parking (possibly free!)

Meanwhile, those looking for a short getaway can enjoy a mini cruise. Usually lasting between one to three nights, guests can soak up the luxury amenities onboard before returning to a UK port of call.

Which port should I sail from?

There are a few factors to bear in mind before looking at cruises departing from the various UK ports. Such factors include your transport options, the terminal facilities if travelling with a large group or people with limited mobility, and the cruise lines and destinations sailing from that port.

Here, we have all the information you need to find the best UK port to cruise from for you. Also, we’ve provided handy tips for each port such as the best transport links to the terminal, what parking, storage and easy-access services are provided, and even what you can do before and after your cruise in the surrounding area. We’ve even provided maps of the ports to help you best plan your journey, get around, and use your time and available facilities.

UK Cruise Ports

With so many departure ports across the UK, it’s easy to find one that best fits your needs. Whether you have a certain cruise line, destination or facilities in mind, with our handy port guides you’ll find all the information to choose the ideal UK departure port for you. If you’re looking for your cruise itinerary, meanwhile, check out our UK cruise deals.


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British Cruise Ports

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