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How to beat the little problems encountered when cruising solo

20 Jul 2016 | by Natalie Law
Solo cruising can be full of advantages and freedoms; from getting to decide where you eat your dinner to what excursion you want to do at port. But there are a lot of things that niggle at solo cruisers and can sometimes even be off putting. So if you've been thinking of going solo but you want to overcome the hurdles, then take a look at some of our top tips below.

problems with cruising solo

Taking photos of yourself

Nowadays we live in a selfie generation with it all the more common to see people snapping photos of themselves in pretty much any location. But the front facing camera can be limiting and if you are cruising to iconic landmarks in beautiful ports then you want to ensure that you are getting the best photos possible. There are ways around the solo photography issue and the simplest one is to just ask another person to take it for you, the chances are they are also a tourist and won’t mind helping you out.

Keeping an eye on your luggage

As a society it goes without saying that you should never leave your bag unattended but what do you do when you are alone? If you need a bathroom break and have a suitcase with you then it is all about timing and planning ahead. At an airport, go to the toilet before collecting your baggage or after dropping it off. Or you can always make a dash for the disabled toilet and use the extra space if of course you are not getting in the way of those who actually require it.

Dinner for one

if you’re feeling a little uncomfortable as you sit down for dinner alone then please do not worry as it is something that you can quickly adapt too. Opting for a traditional dining time means that you will be paired with a table full of people who will be eating at the same time as you every night. Or ask your maître d’ to seat you with other solo cruisers and they will usually be more than happy to oblige.

Applying suntan lotion

A little bit of a silly one but we all need to look after our skin on holiday especially if we’re sailing around the Caribbean or the Mediterranean in the heat of the sunshine. But with no one there to reach the awkward parts on our back, do we risk missing a spot and instead gaining a bright red sore patch or fellow passengers laughing as you try to become someone more limber poolside? Instead try and apply suntan lotion in the privacy of your stateroom or in the toilet, or even better buy a spray. Just make sure that it is a high SPF and water resistant to ensure that you do not need to go through this commotion too often.

problems with cruising solo

Being scammed

We’ve all been on holiday and got frustrated when street vendors come up to you offering cheap and fake goods or been offered a higher price than face value. If you’re alone then you may be more prone to being targeted so make sure that you polish up your haggling skills and practice saying no. Do not be afraid to be firm or walk away from a situation, if you feel you are being ripped off

Dancing alone

Travelling solo does not mean that you will be left alone on the dance floor whilst everyone else waltzes around you. Several cruise lines such as Cunard and Fred.Olsen now offer hosts to dance with and some even offer male or female partners. Being solo does not mean you should miss out so why not attend a dance class and see if you can find any other single cruisers that you can partner up with.

Paying extra

Of course one of the main reasons people are put off by solo cruising is the single supplement charge. With solo cruisers often being made to pay up to 100% more than those sharing a room it is no wonder why we all think that cruising isn't a cost effective way to holiday alone. However the good news is that cruise lines are now starting to realise that some of us actually think a cruise is the perfect way to holiday alone so have introduced specially designed cabins, activities and deals catered just for us single people. Norwegian Cruise Lines have single occupancy studio cabins and with 128 of them housed in the Studio Complex onboard Norwegian Epic there is a fair amount of availability which helps in keeping the costs down.

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