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Greg Mortimer

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Greg Mortimer

This one of a kind vessel is the epitome of expedition cruising, equipped with some brilliant features relating to both design and onboard facilities. Named after the co-founder of Aurora Expeditions and world-renowned Australian explorer, Greg Mortimer the ship well and truly represents the ideology of Greg Mortimer the adventurer.
A commitment to exploring the wild is evident throughout, with features including two hydraulic viewing platforms which fold out to enable optimal viewing with no obstructions. She uses the latest nautical technology and design in order to offer an immersive experience with minimal environmental impact. For example, the sophisticated X-Bow - used on more than 100 vessels in the shipping industry - has been utliised. This allows the Greg Mortimer to take on waves from underneath instead of from above, allowing for a smooth and fast journey.
Other aspects include the sophisticated virtual-anchor, which means the ship can stop still at any point without impacting on the sea bed.  Her design also means she uses less fuel, meaning improved efficiency and lower emissions into the surrounding sea and air. Aurora Expeditions have also considered light pollution, and have minimised this so as not to disturb the local wildlife.

There is one restaurant onboard the ship, where guests can enjoy good conversation as well as delicious food. The menu boasts a range of tasty options, all served with complimentary beer, house wine, and soft drinks. Get to know like-minded passengers and exchange fascinating stories while dining in this comfortable and social environment.
Complimentary tea, coffee, and snacks are also available throughout the cruise, 24 hours a day.

Unlike mainstream cruise lines, Aurora Expeditions have curated a selection of informative and destination-focussed onboard entertainment instead of vibrant shows and Broadway-style performances.
There will be interesting lectures hosted by highly-esteemed experts, relating to the local region and ports on your itinerary. These might have to do with the nearby flora and fauna, history and culture, biological significance, or climate change for example. Held in spacious and comfortable venues, the onboard presentations are another fantastic chance to become absorbed in the wild, and get your questions answered.

After hours spent out and about exploring, guests often seek to soothe their muscles and rejuvenate. To aid with this there is a sauna and two Jacuzzis onboard, and even a treatment room in which guests can have an invigorating massage.
For keen fitness enthusiasts there is also a state-of-the-art gym onboard.

As well as hearing about the fantastic surroundings at a lecture, guests have a wealth of opportunity to really see it from all angles thanks to the various vantage points onboard. Get lost in an Arctic vista from one of the designated viewing stations, or even the perfectly designed 360° observation deck. The two hydraulic viewing platforms are also brilliant spots from which it's possible to see the local environment without any obstruction.
To allow guests to really explore and be a part of the environment they're cruising in, Aurora Expeditions offer a fantastic range of activities that can be enjoyed. These include;
  • Hiking across a wide range of terrain
  • Climbing ice walls and hilly areas
  • Skiiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Diving
  • Kayaking in local waters
  • Straying from the ship in one of 15 Zodiacs

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