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Star Flyer

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The Star ClippersStar Flyer is a four-masted clipper that has become a stalwart of the cruising scene, largely thanks to its reputation as the tallest 'tall ship' in the entire world. But it's not a vessel that simply swaggers by on this reputation alone. Cruises aboard the Star Flyer are fun. Hugely fun. And while it would be easy to put it down to the adventurous itinerary and extensive facilities, the truth is that a sociable crew goes a long way to help the atmosphere of any cruise.

Because the Star Flyer is a miniscule ship in comparison to some of the larger fleets, it's easy to feel as though you know everyone aboard within a couple of days. The crew members certainly act as though they do, you'll be on first name terms within no time whilst they instigate games of team trivia or other activities. Things are very social on board.

Whilst the vessel is motorised, the Star Flyer relies on sail for as long as conditions will permit. It's undoubtedly novel, sailing on a vessel in full sail - something that takes you right back to your childhood; wrap up in the nostalgia and enjoy yourself.

All meals are served in the Clipper Dining Room, a low-ceilinged room with booths for six along the walls and tables for eight in the centre.

Breakfast and lunch both offer an impressive selection of pastries, meats and cheeses. For dinner, however, you can expect to be seated by the maitre d'.

There is no seating time as you will find on other traditional cruise vessels - simply turn up any time between the restaurant's operating hours. However, the itineraries for this vessel typically allow for a number of dinners to be served elsewhere, such as a barbecue on the beach. These are particularly special.

Aboard the Star Flyer, daytimes are pretty much dominated by onshore explorations, which is something you'll undoubtedly value if you're less into your casinos and spas on a cruise.

Daytime demonstrations are led by the crew and range from the normal (knot-tying) to the bizarre (fruit carving). One of the most exciting daytime activities is climbing the mast. If you don't feel like Captain Jack Sparrow here, you never will.

The Star Flyer also carries plenty of equipment for watersports, including windsurfing and snorkelling

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