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Cruising at Home - Cruise Quiz

27 Mar 2020 | by Ian McAleavy

The Big Cruise Quiz - Episode 1

See how much you know about cruising and take our fun cruise themed quiz. Having fun? Don’t forget to tune in at 8pm on Planet Cruise Facebook Live for even more cool cruise questions with everyone’s favourite presenter, Glenn, from the Planet Cruise TV show.

The quiz is made up of 3 5-question rounds with answers at the bottom of the page (no cheating!)

Round 1: Cruise ships

  1. Which ship has a go kart track?
  2. What is the name of Virgin Voyages’ first ship?
  3. What is reportedly the Queen’s favourite cruise ship?
  4. Which ship has a deck that goes up and down the side?
  5. In which cruise ship will you find the largest grand ballroom?

Round 2: Cruise Holiday Destinations

  1. In which cruise destination will you find swimming iguanas?
  2. Which popular river cruise city is famous for cafes, waltzes and the Schönbrunn Palace?
  3. You can river cruise such amazing rivers as the Rhine, Danube and Nile. But which is the longest from that list?
  4. In which popular South America cruise destination will you find Christ the Redeemer?
  5. Which cruise port is the busiest in the world?

Round 3: General Cruising Knowledge

  1. Which ship did Ed Sheeran record an album on?
  2. What river cruise line has a traditional paddle-powered steamboat on the Mississippi?
  3. When christening a new ship, what is traditionally smashed on the hull for good luck?
  4. Is starboard the left or right side of the ship?
  5. What is the name of Princess cruises private island?


Round 1: Cruise ships

  1. Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Joy and Norwegian Encore
  2. Scarlet Lady
  3. Hebridean Princess
  4. Celebrity Edge - name of the deck is Magic Carpet
  5. Cunard Queen Mary 2

Round 2: Cruise Holiday Destinations

  1. The Galapagos
  2. Vienna
  3. The Nile
  4. Rio de Janeiro
  5. Miami, with 1,185 ships docked in 2017

Round 3: General Cruising Knowledge

  1. Queen Mary 2 during a transatlantic crossing in 2017 from Southampton to NY. He soundproofed a cabin and only came out to eat- but apparently was only allowed in the buffet as he only brought jeans and trainers!
  2. The American Steamboat Company’s ship, American Queen
  3. A bottle of champagne. Exceptions in the past have included non-alcoholic versions in Muslim countries and during the American prohibition era, as well as the Queen notably smashing a bottle of whiskey on the new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in 2014
  4. When looking forward when onboard a ship, port and starboard refer to the left and right sides respectively. The easy way to remember is both ‘port’ and ‘left’ have 4 letters.
  5. Princess Cays. Situated in the Bahamas and exclusively for Princess guests on Caribbean itineraries, with 40 square acres and with half a mile of white sandy beaches, here you can enjoy such varied activities as snorkelling, dune buggying, kayaking and, of course, lounging on the beach

For more fun activities you can do without actually being on a ship, check out our cruising at home guide where you'll find a guide on how to play shuffleboard and a blog on spa treatments you can make yourself.

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