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Can I benefit from attending a cruise show?

20 May 2016 | by Nikki Osborne

Cruise shows are designed to provide customers with an overall complete package when it comes to advice & customer service. A typical day would include a collaboration of cruise line representatives, sales experts, insightful talk theatre and special giveaways.

You may have come across an invitation to attend one at some point…but have you ever thought ‘’what can I gain from this?’’

If you agree with any of the following statements then a cruise show could be just what you need to squash any of your cruising puzzles and concerns.



‘’I don’t know which cruise line is for me’’

One of the best advantages of attending a cruise show is that there are representatives from each cruise line, across ocean and river. This is the only time that you will have a chance to talk to several cruise lines in one day with such ease. Meeting them in person is a great opportunity to get a general feel for the company and to ask any of those burning questions.


‘’I prefer a more personable experience’’

We appreciate that for some people, face to face discussions are still the very best experience. It is the easiest opportunity to speak to several agents and decide which one is for you. This way, you can call them directly in the future, so you only book with the agent that knows you the best.


‘’I’m not sure where I want to cruise to next”

Cruise specialists have in-depth knowledge and have travelled to many destinations as part of their job. They are fortunate enough to go on ship visits and trips so that they can provide you with the best service possible. As opposed to talking to just one or two people, as you would in a store or on a phone call, you can ask for advice from a wide range of people from different cruise lines; this in total should cover a vast amount of expert knowledge from all over the world.


‘’I’m new to cruising and there’s so much information online…I don’t know where to start’’

Cruise shows are great if you’re a newcomer because there are interesting talks going on throughout the day. Normally included is a discussion specific to those who have never cruised before. This way, information is delivered to you in a precise, useful manner.


‘’I’m interested in a particular deal in a brochure, but I don’t know if it's still on sale’’

The sales agents on the day will be able to tell you whether any particular deal is still on sale and what the most up to date prices are. If your chosen deal is no longer available, they can work with you to find the closest match.


‘’I want free giveaways’’

As well as exclusive offers on the day, we like to offer additional extras such as a free goody bag. Plus, due to the great relationships we have with the cruise lines, we often have a free trip as part of our cruise show competition. Last year our lucky winner Alison from Portchester won a free cruise with P&O Cruises onboard Ventura.

‘’‘I want to speak to impartial people’’’

Since the day is good fun for us too, many members of our staff from several different departments offer to help out at our cruise shows. This means that you can trust that their judgement is free from bias. In addition to this, you are surrounded by numerous other cruise enthusiasts just like you on the day. This is a great opportunity to speak to new people and learn from them. Could the person stood next you have sailed on your dream cruise?


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