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How much could you save by cruising for a year?

19 Dec 2016 | by Sarah Clarke
As self-confessed cruise fanatics we’ve always wondered what it would be like to swap day to day city living with a full year of cruising around the world. Seeing some of the world’s most incredible places, soaking up the culture, trying the local dish of the day here, there and everywhere. Plus taking in a full 52 weeks of dazzling sea views – magnificent.

So after getting our cruise fix throughout the year with some fantastic cruise deals and last minute escapes, we decided to set our sights higher and cost up a whole year of cruising. Compared to living on land in some of the world’s most popular cities (London, New York, Dubai, Monaco, Sydney e.t.c), we were ecstatic to find out that not only is a year of sailing possible, but we could actually end up saving money! Here’s how we did it

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