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Why P&O Cruises chose the name Iona

25 May 2018 | by Helen Williams

Thursday 24th May was a very special day in the UK cruise world, as P&O Cruises finally revealed the name of their revolutionary 2020 ship.

Stephen Mulhern, an award-winning UK TV presenter, had the honour of announcing that she will be ‘Iona’, while aptly stood on this beautiful Scottish island. Shortly after the big reveal, local resident Jane was asked to select a winner from the group of voters who suggested the name – so big congratulations to Mrs Gillian Crooks of Dundee. In celebration she will receive two tickets to the naming ceremony of the ship, and others who voted ‘Iona’ will be sent gifts as well.

P&O Cruises’ Paul Ludlow has explained that the cruise line felt the name Iona was perfect for the new ship, encapsulating their focus on the sea in a way that echoes its significance to the island; ‘Iona is known for . . . the view of the ocean from almost every point on the island. This mirrors our primary intention when building the ship, which was to make the sea the star’.

The Isle of Iona has relied upon the surrounding seas for trade and tourism for many years, and as such has a great importance to local people. This too is true for P&O Cruises, a cruise line that seeks to celebrate the vastness of the world’s oceans and honour one of the UK’s most notable islands.

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