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A quintessential port town on the coast of Tuscany on the west coast[rep] of Italy. Its picture perfect bridges and beautiful canals are typical of the country that it is in, but don't be fooled - there is much more to this splendid city than is immediately obvious.

Introducing Livorno. Bursting with personality, infused with intrigue, this is one destination you won't forget in a hurry. For Livorno is home to some of Italy's most fascinating architecture, with famed designer Bernardo Buontalenti taking much of the credit for the city's unusual look. Heading to the shabby historic quarter threaded with Venetian-style canals, you might even be tempted to think you were no longer in Italy at all, although step back into the more modern Piazza Grande and you will instantly be certain of which country you are in.

It is the distinct differences between its neighborhoods that make Livorno a genuinely fascinating location. Simply walking around for an hour and a half is an activity in itself, but there are a number of activities you should make time for. Firstly, the restaurants along the elegant Epoque seafront serve the very best seafood in Tuscany, dragged up the beach and plonked onto a plate in front of you. Secondly, there is history aplenty to be found here. Why not visit the Old English Cemetery - said to be one of the oldest in Europe - or the beautiful old Jewish Quarter? This district is particularly fascinating as, during a time when their faith was persecuted throughout Europe, Livorno represented something of a safe haven where practitioners of the religion were not confined to a ghetto and could buy property.

Finally, as always, it is always worth checking out Livorno's beaches. These will change your perspective of what the word 'beautiful' means. Truly, Livorno represents the best of Tuscany, and possibly the whole of Italy.

Florence & Pisa (Livorno)

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