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When it comes to holiday resorts, they don't come much more famous than St Tropez. Its reputation throughout Europe is legendary, with the artistic and dissolute travelling there long before the likes of Brigitte Bardot. Led by pointillist Paul Signac in the late 19th century, they came in their thousands, but what exactly brought them here in the first place?

Despite its popularity, the town has refused to give into modernisation, and its multi-coloured painted houses overlooking the picturesque canals and waterways remain pretty much exactly as they have done over the past 100 years. After cruising in, you can expect to be tethered right in the heart of town where everything is happening. Everything you would expect from southern France can be found here - an abundance of sun, sand and fun.

There is a vibrant and bustling cafe and restaurant scene here, but first things first - it's important to get your bearings. The central square is just a ten minute walk away from the harbour and it's an enjoyable one at that. Passing picturesque houses and unique architecture, you should take care not to lose your bearings if you're staring at the buildings on either side of the street all the time.

Once you reach the very heart of St Tropez, you can truly appreciate the unmistakable character that lends itself to this city. Walk around the edge, taking in all of the hotspots for drinking coffee, where you may see the locals enjoying a casual card game or two.

Then of course, there are the beaches. Hiring a bike or scooter and riding along the seafront is easily the best way to reach them. The best are a fair journey out of the centre of town, but it's well worth it for the azure waves and watersports that are available here.

All of these reasons add up to a stellar holiday destination.

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