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Star Clipper

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Star Clipper

Combining the elegance and romance of sailing aboard a classic tall ship with the comfort and luxury of modern cruising, the Star Clipper really is the ultimate seafaring vessel that is sure to thrill all passengers. Visually, it is unrivalled by any other commercial ship in the world, boasting four towering masts and 16 sails. In fact, it's so perfect to look at that it sometimes seems like a life-size version of a model ship.

Measuring 360 feet in length and carrying just 170 passengers, the Star Clipper provides an intimate and exclusive sailing experience that is simply a cut above anything that most cruise liners can offer. Strolling through the ship's four decks, the decor reflects the vessel's glamour, with antique prints of famous sailing vessels adorning the teak and mahogany walls, all of which is sure to make you feel as though you've stepped back in time to the golden age of sailing.

What's more, with 72 crew members to look after guests, all passengers can be sure of first-rate service, the likes of which simply can't be provided on larger cruise ships where the ratio of staff to travellers is much lower.

The elegant dining provides a relaxed yet classy environment in which to spend an evening, with open seating helping to create a casual atmosphere and promote a sense of friendliness between passengers. As you'd expect from all Star Clipper vessels, the food served onboard is quite simply immaculate, and uses many of the freshest ingredients that are sourced from the voyage destination.

Other onboard venues in which guests can relax with a drink or a snack include the Tropical Bar and the Piano Bar, both of which feature indoor and outdoor areas, allowing passengers to enjoy the stunning views as the landscape changes around them.

The thrill of sailing aboard a tall ship is in itself a major attraction of the Star Clipper, and the onboard attractions and facilities have been carefully chosen in order not to ruin this. So, you won't find the typical entertainment offered by most commercial cruise ships, but will instead have lots of opportunities to simply relax and soak up the atmosphere.

With more outdoor space than you'd expect to find on typical cruise liners, the ship allows guests to really get to spend as much time on deck as they please, so it's easy to feel like a real sailor from times gone by when travelling aboard this stunning vessel. There are also two swimming pools for passengers to relax or cool off in, as well as an atmospheric library, complete with its own fireplace.

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