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Landing in Kobe amidst urban sprawl and a tangiable buzz in the air, you may well be overwhelmed by the desire to explore. And with good reason - as the capital of the Hyogo Prefecture, there is a lot going on here.

From the city museum to the harborland and amazing cuisine in Chinatown, there certainly isn't a shortage of things to do. But if you do feel the travel bug calling, Kobe is also very close to Kyoto, easily the most traditional city in all of Japan.

Here, geishas can still be spotted entertaining businessmen in bars at late hours. Here, the locals still speak with a language quite unlike the rest of Japan (use 'okini' for 'thank you' if you want to impress). As the former capital, Kyoto also has more than its fair share of temples and shrines to explore.

Both the cities are surrounded by picturesque mountains and serve up excellent local specialities - Kobe beef is hailed as the best in Japan. Be sure to try the sushi.

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