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The southern tip of mainland South America is one of the most striking regions on Earth, with the Torres del Paine National Park and the stunning Tierra del Fuego being known for their truly majestic landscapes. On top of this, the region is steeped in maritime tradition, and, being the gateway to the Antarctic, has provided the backdrop to some of the most iconic and dangerous voyages ever undertaken. These days, of course, the region has been well and truly conquered by man, meaning there's no longer any danger in taking to the seas of the Magellan Strait, although the excitement of doing so has certainly not been lessened. Indeed, in embarking on a cruise through southern Chile - with Punta Arenas as your main landing point - you'll be able to see some of the most dramatic scenery that South America has to offer, as well as some truly incredible wildlife. The penguin colonies that can be found at Punta Arenas itself and on the nearby Isla Magdalena, for example, provide a simply unforgettable experience, and getting up close and personal with these curious birds will make you feel like a real Antarctic explorer. Elsewhere, the Rey Jorge Island National Sea Park is a fantastic place for whale watching.

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