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Mexico is a country that encompasses a whole world of variation. From bustling towns and cities to snow-capped volcanoes and vast deserts all hemmed in with a fine coast line of pristine sandy beaches and Caribbean-style palm trees. The temperature helps to set the scene by being either warm or hot all year round and this makes for a perfect excuse to spend time outdoors, eating out, lazing on the beach or just strolling around pretty villages.

Some of the most famous ancient sites can be found in Mexico, with one in particular that is familiar to all and is photographed endlessly for glossy travel brochures and magazines. Chichen Itza, the most famous of Mayan sites is a must-see wonder that will take your breath away and fill your photo album with envy inspiring snaps.

Mexican food is famous around the world and is perfectly suited to the sunny climate. Familiar chilli con carne, tortillas, refried beans, tacos, quesadillas and empanadas are just the starting point. The menu is vast and exciting and will set your taste buds alight, served alongside world famous and fiery tequila, beer, or the famous Valle de Guadalupe wines to compliment the flavours.

Mexico is a fantastic country to cruise to and around as it has thousands of miles of coastline, lapped by the most beautiful waters and dotted with ports of cultural and historic interest. On a western Caribbean cruise you are likely to visit Cozumel, from where you can journey inland to the Mayan ruins of Tullum or remain by the coast and soak up the sun on the beautiful palm fringed beaches. At Costa Maya you could take a jungle trek to the Ancient city of Chaccohoben and Kohunlich or stay put by the port and dine on Ceviche, the local delicacy of raw conch with prawns and octopus marinated in lime juice.

On the west coast your Mexico cruise will usually be combined with a cruise up to San Francisco, and possibly out to the Hawaiian Islands. At Ensenada you can bask in the warmth of the Baja California where the combination of sea, mountain, valleys and desert all co-habit in harmony. Further south you might visit Loreto and stroll around the cobbled plaza of the picturesque town or snorkel in the crystal clear lagoons of Isla Coronados; or you might dock at Puerto Vallarta, a pretty fishing town on the coast, overlooked by lush jungle.

Mexico is a fabulous country with warm friendly people who live life at a relaxed pace. With ancient sites, a sunny climate and perfect beaches there is not much missing from this slice of paradise.

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