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A destination of surprises. Gibraltar is most definitely a destination of surprises. This overseas territory belonging to the UK overlooks the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, and, bordering Spain, one would expect a combination of these two cultures to rule. However, the first surprise is that this is not so. Gibraltar has been considered as an essential territory from a strategic standpoint by an extraordinary number of different countries, all of which have left their mark at some time or another. Looking at the landmass from afar, you'll notice Gibraltar is dominated by its extraordinary Rock, which rises out of the centre and stretches far into the air. It is the underside of this natural structure that provides the second surprise, as you will find a vast labyrinth of underground tunnels - some of the roads stretch for up to four times longer than their above ground counterparts. Throughout Gibraltar's turbulent history, these were inhabited by citizens and British soldiers, all of whom managed to maintain as active a life down here as they would have had on the surface. And then there is the abundance of wildlife - marine and otherwise - that can be spotted in this slice of paradise. The Barbary Macaques that make it such an adventure to traverse the streets. The delightful dolphins bounding across the waves. Even the innumerable species of birds that call the island 'home' and fill it with their chirping tunes. It is a land of opportunity for both animals and humans alike. One shouldn't leave without exploring the charming backstreets of Gibraltar's eponymous capital. You'll find plenty of camera-worthy opportunities, including architecture created by long-dead civilisations. Pocket sized though the city undoubtedly is, you'll be hard pushed to explore every inch of it during your time here. There is so much to enthrall and delight, you might be surprised to find yourself booking a return trip the day you leave.


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