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Cruising around the Middle East

A place where old comes face to face with new, the Middle East is home to areas of intense discovery. Set sail for an Arabian adventure as you discover vibrant lands that expose some of the world’s most breath-taking scenery.

From the ancient pyramids in Egypt to the red city of Petra and the holy wonders of Israel to the modern architecture of Dubai, there truly is nowhere else in the world like the Middle East.

It is not only the rich history that makes a cruise here so appealing, its attractive weather and alluring explorations make for a trip of a lifetime.

Home to an array of renowned landmarks, you will not want to forget your camera. Dubai has the tallest skyscrapers in the world, Egypt has the only real pyramids and Israel is home to the iconic Western Wall.

The cuisine here is sure to set of all of your taste buds alight. Traditional Mediterranean dishes with an exotic twist are the types of culinary surprises found here. From succulent meats, freshly prepared salads and homemade hummus, every dish will present your new favourite food.

With so much to do, see and taste there is no better way to explore this intriguing part of the world than a cruise. Allowing you to see everything there is to offer, make it your turn to read this untold story that will leave you speechless.

Things To Do

  • Ancient Pyramids, Egypt – No trip to Egypt is complete without a visit to the pyramids. Each one of the 100 formations have their own story to tell and learning about these historical tombs is no short of fascinating.
  • Bathe in the Dead Sea, Israel – Bordering Jordan and the East, the Dead Sea is the lowest elevation on land. Due to the sea having such a high salt concentration means you can float on its surfaces, making it a truly remarkable experience.
  • Burj Khalifa, Dubai – The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa is the centrepiece of Dubai and dominates the surrounding hotels and malls. Take a trip up to the observation decks to experience phenomenal views of this enchanting city.


Most of the Middle East benefits from year-round hot climates, however each area will experience different temperatures depending on the season.

Dubai is the place to go if you like scorching temperatures and can reach up to 45°c in July and August. Even during winter months you can expect the temperature to be in around 20°c.

Egypt has similar weather to Dubai and in the summer can boast temperatures will into the 40’s and 20’s in the winter.

Israel and surrounding areas have a slightly cooler winter and temperatures can drop to 10°c between November and February. During the summer months the sun will shine for an average 14 hours a day as well as temperatures of up to 32°c.

Special Events

  • Dubai World Cup Horse Races, March – Organised annually at the Nad Al Sheba Meydan racecourse, this prestigious event attracts thousands every year. From glamourous outfits, frantic betters and constant champagne flowing, it is a once in a lifetime day out.
  • Light in Jerusalem Festival, June – This is a festival that sees Jerusalem come to life with techni-coloured light shows in the evenings. This festival attracts up to 250, 000 visitors that come to see the intense lasers project against iconic backdrops.

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