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Cruising to the Red Sea

Sail between the magnificent contrasting continents of Africa and Asia on a magical cruise to the Red Sea. The Red Sea is named after the reddish colour caused by certain types of algae inhabiting the waters, living alongside a whole host of intriguing marine life and making this one of the most exotic bodies of water in the world. There is as much to see below shore as there is at sea level proving this to be a dream destination for diving and snorkelling plus some amazing land excursions.

With easy access to the grand Indian Ocean, a cruise to the Red Sea can involve stop overs in several diverse countries including Jordan, Egypt, Oman, United Arab Emirates, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and beyond. Cruising this part of the world comes with the opportunity to experience all sorts of cultures, learn of treasured histories, try delicious traditional cuisines and do some incredible sight-seeing.

Step ashore the golden sandy banks of eastern Egypt and you’ll find miles of stunning coastline and beautiful beaches. Enjoy relaxing in the year round sunshine or partake in one of many exciting beach activities from banana boat rides to kayaking, snorkelling or swimming with dolphins to romantic dining on the beach. There are countless dive sites in the area from reef to wreck dives and excursions to neighbouring islands. Popular reefs include Abu Kafan, The Canyon and the Careless reef. Experienced divers will love a challenging deep dive in the T-Reef, whilst all levels are welcome to experience Abu-Hashish. Land excursions include being charmed by tourist hotspot Sharm el Sheikh, visiting the incredible Temple of Luxor or being wowed by the Giza pyramids, a wonder of the ancient world still standing today.

Sail across the Red Sea and head forth to uncover mysteries of the Middle East, visit Jordan and the ancient majestic Nabataean city of Petra, a magnificent forgotten city carved into grand red mountainous rock face that will absolutely take your breath away. Continue your Jordan journey with a stopover in Amman, the unique capital city with an ultra-modern commercial hub set amongst remnants of an ancient civilisation. A stunning blend of old and new, you will find plenty to see and do in this captivating culture capital.

Extend your exploration and cruise to the enticing neighbouring destinations of Oman, the United Arab Emirates or India. You can marvel at the ultra-luxe modern day lifestyle of Abu Dhabi in UAE, stroll the bustling street markets of Muscat, Oman, witness the dazzling excess of the Bollywood scene in Mumbai and collapse at the end of a busy day on a sunset beach in Goa.

Things to do

A cruise to the Red Sea can be the holiday of a lifetime with countless amazing shore excursions on offer to ensure you get the most out of every destination along the way. Whether you are a keen diver, history buff, foodie or land cruiser you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for with a cruise to the Red Sea.

Some of our favourite excursions to enjoy from the Red Sea are:

The Temple of Luxor – Safaga, Egypt – This incredible original structure has stood the test of time and represents an undeniable feat in Egyptian construction. See this hugely impressive structure with your own eyes and learn the histories of the famous ancient city of Thebes.

Snorkelling in the Red Sea – Various – A sure highlight of visiting the Red Sea is to witness the Technicolor dream world beneath sea level. Visit vibrant coral reefs or dive deeper to see some truly intriguing shipwrecks. Popular spots for snorkelling include the Sunken City, Shark’s Bay and Pharaoh’s Island.

The Lost City – Petra, Jordan – See the overwhelming brilliance of the lost city of Petra during your time in Jordan. Considered to be one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World, this historical site transports you back to the ancient times of the Nabateans. Hear about the crucial trade routes that operated from this impressive natural fortress.


Blissfully the area surrounding the Red Sea benefits from year round warm weather, meaning that a pleasant beach holiday or dive trip is achievable during most times of the year. You may wish to avoid peak season tourist crowds during the summer or winter holiday seasons. Outside of this peak time temperatures are expected to be a little more bearable.

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