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Cruising through Australia and New Zealand gives you the opportunity to explore stunning coastline, with sights ranging from cosmopolitan cities of Sydney and Melbourne to the natural wonders of the great barrier reef and the outback.

Australia is continental in scale, with giant distances separating one side from another. As a comparison, the distance from Perth to Sydney would take you from London to Istanbul. To give you the chance to experience the scale of Australia for yourself, Cunard and Holland-America have even begun to offer cruises which circumnavigate the country. A round Australia cruise takes up to thirty-five days, visiting dozens of ports like Freemantle and Darwin, as well as isolated islands in Indonesia.

Sydney is Australia’s largest city and its iconic harbour bridge and opera house are symbols of the nation. For fly-cruise passengers, Sydney is the starting point for your Australian adventure, the ideal place to start or finish your cruise with a cruise and stay holiday. After all, having come this far it makes sense to spend time exploring the outback and perhaps even take the time to visit Ayers rock.

Royal Caribbean and Celebrity itineraries from Sydney take you north to Brisbane and the Great Barrier Reef. Grab a surfboard and take to the waves, or dive among the abundant sea life of the coral reef; or if you are totally fearless, with the sharks.

Darwin is famed for its man-eating crocodiles, while the Kimberley in the west is Australia’s last true wilderness, only accessible on smaller cruise ships.

A few days cruise away, in the heart of the Indonesian archipelago, is the island of Bali, a tropical paradise with a fascinating local culture.

Australia also provides a starting point for cruises in the extraordinary Southern Ocean. Watch out for penguins, icebergs and albatross as you descend South from Australia.

New Zealand itself is a compact but diverse nation, used by Peter Jackson as the location for Middle Earth in the film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings trilogy and home to the formidable All Blacks rugby team.

A majestic site visited by cruise ships in New Zealand’s rugged South Island is the Milford Sound, named by Rudyard Kipling as the '8th wonder of the world'. The Milford Sound is a large fjord, with high waterfalls descending into it from the surrounding mountains. Further north the island becomes more pastoral, with sheep far outnumbering people.

Wellington is New Zealand’s capital. Its government building was built in 1876 and is the 2nd largest wooden building on the planet. City tours in Aukland are an excellent day out, and since you are arriving by sea, be sure to visit the ‘City of Sails’ to see New Zealand’s maritime history museum.

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