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Keith Maynard's - Top Tips in the Far East

21 Aug 2015 | by Myles Johnson

Updated November 2017

The Far East is an enchanting part of the world, filled with ancient cultural traditions and breath-taking natural wonders. This diverse region boasts so much to explore, and will well and truly bring out your adventurous side. Whether you have a love of back-packing into idyllic rural provinces, or want to absorb the vibrant city culture, there is something for everyone.

This part of the world is packed full of mystical charms and oriental traditions, and offers an array of delights that are waiting to be uncovered. World Cruises to the Far East are a brilliant way to connect with distant parts of the world, and discover more about yourself.


In this Far East feature, World Cruise Expert and Planet Cruise presenter Keith Maynard gives you his exceptional insight into four of the most exciting destinations on a South East Asian Cruise itinerary. Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, and Bali will all be explored. Our expert tips will help you pack more into your Far East cruise holiday, so you can make the most out of your visit to this amazing part of the world.


Visitors to Singapore - which in Malay means The Lion City - will enjoy a fun filled adventure. This colourful city-state is an infusion of different styles, with tranquil temples and soothing gardens, coupled with a very architecturally modern and vibrant city centre. The local cuisine is delicious, and the shopping is unbeatable, some would say that Singapore has it all.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vibrant city, renowned for its impressive skyline, fascinating sights, and heavenly cuisine. Hong Kong’s Victoria harbour is truly mesmerising - with its constant parade of vessels, breath-taking scenery, and spectacular symphony of lights show that occurs every evening. Come and explore this eclectic and exciting city.



Many consider Bali to be paradise on earth; this little Indonesian island is a favourite destination for both adventurers, and those in need of some relaxation. With miles of beautiful sandy coastline to enjoy, sacred temples, crystal clear rivers, and luscious mountainous regions to discover, Bali has something special for everyone. Balinese culture is as rich and diverse as the island itself, so be sure to add this beautiful island to your World Cruise bucket list.


Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is a bustling city, where visitors will feel the true essence of Vietnamese culture. The city is steeped in history which is visible throughout. Famous for its street stalls, and thriving Ben Thanh Market - which offers the tastiest treats imaginable - this seamless city has a timeless charm and loveable character.


The Far East is known for its ever-changing climates throughout the year. The traditional rainy season in the region is often between June to October. When cruising during the rest of the year, visitors can expect temperatures to be between 25 and 40°C.

Planet Cruise Travel Tip: Always travel with a sarong; it makes a great pillow, blanket, towel, skirt, shirt, dress, hair wrap, shade, and can be respectably used as cover when in sacred temples.

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