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Paris too Cliché? Your New Romantic Destinations

12 Feb 2016 | by Nikki Osborne

Updated November 2017

Are you considering how to surprise your loved one, or ways to reignite the spark in your relationship? The world is full of beautiful and romantic locations, so why not make some special memories together on a cruise in one of these gorgeous spots?


Based on our own experiences, we’ve picked our favourite romantic destinations below.

Croatia - Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is an enchanted, cobbled city encapsulated by city walls. With the shops and restaurants built as part of the infrastructure of the walls, on an easy stroll around the circumference you can appreciate how intricate a job this was, while also taking in the best views of the city. Take a 10 minute boat ride to Lokrum, a peaceful forested island where no cars are allowed, and not a single person inhabits. Peacocks roam freely here, and there are several romantic points of interest such as the botanical gardens and the Benedictine Monastery.

Tahiti - Moorea

Small islands are the perfect setting for romantic and intimate breaks, and Tahiti offers 118 of them. Docking in Pepeeta, take the ferry to Moorea - home to what are considered the sweetest pineapples on earth - and experience a liquid playground, perfect for snorkelling with an abundance of wildlife. Alternatively, take the circle-island road for peaceful beaches and Fruit Juice Factory tastings of locally made juices and liquors. The views around Majestic Mountains are a must see, and whether you travel by helicopter or foot, there are tours for all fitness levels. Most of our cruises to Tahiti travel to Bora Bora too, so be sure to take a look at all our Bora Bora and Tahiti trips.

Bali - Denpasar

They say food is the way to a man (or woman’s) heart, and the Balinese are renowned for their unique cuisine - rich in local herbs and spices. Just 45 minutes from Benoa port is Denpasar, where you and your partner can partake in fun and interesting cooking classes, and learn how to cook with ingredients such as suckling pig, slow cooked duck, and more. Alternatively, go together to set baby turtles free at the Turtle Education and Conservation Centre, before traveling north to watch the dolphins play in Lovina.

Malaysia - Singapore

Singapore offers beautiful beaches, cosmopolitan city life, and stunning gardens. Only 10 minutes away from the port, you can dine in your very own cable car from Mount Faber, for an all-out romantic experience. Stroll through the National Orchid Museum for an oasis of colour, and take a cruise of Singapore River for the city lights show and views of the city.

Denmark - Copenhagen

Fantastic views of the old city can be accessed from an easy climb up the spiral walkway of The Round Tower. Keep an eye out for the Kissing Bench, where you can perch with your loved one and enjoy the sights. Visit the fairytale Rosenborg Palace to see the crown jewels and Kings Garden, which is scattered with roses. As well as this, why not treat yourself to a night at the movies and snuggle up in a seat for two at Falkoner or Empire?

Norway - Tromsø

With snow clad mountains, icy waterfalls, and spectacular fjords, Norway is a great contender for a romantic holiday destination. Tromsø has a lot to offer, including dog and reindeer sledding. Join a tour for the opportunity to spot humpback whales and orcas, and then have a hot chocolate by the campfire. Lucky ones can also catch a glimpse of the northern lights

Make your journey to these destinations stress free by travelling by cruise ship, giving you both the best chance of high spirits throughout the trip. For extra ease, have our team of experts advise you about local hot spots, so you can focus on each other rather than searching for a restaurant, or how to get to attractions independently.

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