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Things to see and do in Guernsey

27 Apr 2015 | by Charlotte Bradley

Updated: 8th April 2021

Guernsey, located as it is on the south coast between France and the UK, receives the most sunshine out of anywhere on the British Isles. So you're going to want to spend that time doing memorable things, of course. No matter how long your cruise vessel stops on this beautiful island, you're going to find plenty of things to do. Always a popular stop off for British Isles cruises, take a look at our guide below for a perfect day on Guernsey.

Explore St Peter Port

The sun sparkles off the waters of St Peter Port, Guernsey's capital and, for many a cruising holiday around Europe and the UK, an important stop. Step out into its highly charismatic streets, which are lined with stunning flower displays and criss-crossed with banners on any day of the year. Yes, St Peter Port caters to the tourism crowd, but it does so tastefully, with none of the original charm lost. The actual feeling of the place is curious, caught as it is somewhere between English fishing village and French hamlet. Everywhere you go, however, you'll catch the essence of the holiday feeling - people sat outside brasseries and bars enjoying a cheeky midday beer, or else meandering along the pedestrianised streets with ice-creams. Getting familiar with St Peter Port should be the first thing you do upon landing in Guernsey.

Castle Cornet

Adjacent to St Peters Port stands Castle Cornet, extending out into the harbour itself. It's not a long walk and the fortress itself provides a great opportunity to learn about Guernsey's wild and varied history. The island has, after all, been occupied since the Neolithic times and it would be a shame to miss out on an opportunity to learn a little about its past. Castle Cornet itself has stood here for more than 800 years, and plays host to a plethora of educational wonders, including the 201 Squadron RAF Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry Museum and the Story of Castle Cornet experience. You certainly won't be short of things to do.

Take lunch

Interrupt the sightseeing with some harbourside cuisine. Once again, Guernsey's location between the UK and France plays into its hand, with a wonderful fusion of food available here. Delights from the sea and land are prepared everyday for consumption on the picturesque promenade just opposite the main harbour. Whether you're after smoked mackerel with a herby salad accompaniment or a prawn cocktail, you'll be surprised by the freshness and quality of what's on offer. If you're seeking good restaurants in St Peter Port, consider The Old Quarter, which is renowned for its innovative flavours, and Pier 17, which makes a very good family spot. The Hook is also worth checking out, for its exceptional food presentation alone.

Wander the foothills

Guernsey's landscape is truly something to behold, with a rugged and wild scenery that should be irresistible for those who love nothing better than to take to their heels for a ramble. Indeed, the island hosts numerous walking festivals and events over the year. Whether you want to explore on your own or with other people, there are plenty of options. If you're limited for time and fancy an adrenaline rush, hop on a bicycle and go swooping across a coastline path. Watch the waves smashing up against the cliffs. Definitely an image to treasure.

Follow the footsteps of Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo was known for loving Guernsey - indeed, the Les Miserables writer even purchased a house here. Follow in his footsteps, ambling round its beautiful drawing rooms before heading out across to Havelet Bay where the author was known to swim occasionally. From here, Hugo's favourite coastal path, it's not difficult to see why he fell in love with Guernsey. For the best results, come along at sunset, just before you're due to leave the island, to see the landscapes bathed in beautiful crimson and orange.

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