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5 Reasons to Cruise in Luxury

06 Sep 2018 | by Mary Farmhouse

There are many reasons why cruisers choose to travel in luxury rather than a more simple way of cruising. One common reason is that of the perks each cruise line offers if you do opt for a higher level of travel, however, these vary depending on what cruise line you are holidaying with. Read on to find out if luxury cruising floats your boat.

1. The Exclusive Perks

If you are big on prestigious nights and lavish parties, you’ll love the social calendar associated with being a passenger of luxury. Here are a few examples of what you could be treated to:

• Luxury cruise line Azamara Club Cruises take passengers on an ‘AzAmazing Evening’ usually once per cruise, which is an exclusive experience ranging from things like a polo match and reception in St Tropez to a visit to the Mikhailovsky Theatre in St Petersburg.

MSC Cruise Line offers their exclusive Yacht Club passengers a 24-hour butler service! A few luxury cruise lines offer this service, which truly takes the onboard experience to another level. Alongside this, the MSC Yacht Club also offers your own personal concierge.

• On many cruises, there are specific areas which are only for the upgraded or luxury passengers. For example, on Celebrity Cruises you have Michael’s Club, which is an elegant lounge where you can enjoy breakfast, drinks, and tapas. Available only to passengers who are club members, or have upgraded to suites such as Penthouse or Royal.

• Some luxury cruise lines, such as Virgin Voyages, even own islands exclusive to their guests. Luxury is infused into every aspect, from the dining to the relaxing lounging areas, while the excursions are thrilling activities that you may not find anywhere else. Settle into your own private cabana and relish in the peace of a tourist-free beach, before getting ready for a pool party you'll remember for life.

2. The Fine Dining

Luxury cruise lines are known for having celebrity chefs to create an ultimate experience of luxury and five-star+ dining. You’ll find world-renowned chefs such as Nobu Matsuhisa, who works with Crystal Cruises and created a unique experience for passengers onboard with his ‘Japanese-Centric Silk Road’. His restaurant Nobu is known worldwide for its prestigious atmosphere and high-class standard, with endless celebrities regularly dining there. American chef Thomas Keller is also another well-known celebrity who has cruise ties, The Grill by Thomas Keller is on Seabourn ships Seabourn Odyssey and Seabourn Quest. In addition to some incredible restaurants, with luxury cruises, your 24-hour room service is of the same standard as the divine cuisine found in the restaurants.

3. Stunning Accommodation

The reason a lot of people choose to upgrade or travel on a luxury cruise is that of the accommodation. There’s no surprise that the more you pay for a room the better it is, but just how special they are is often not fully understood. With some luxury cruise lines, every suite will have an ocean view and staterooms will have spacious balconies. Balconies are an amazing luxury especially when traveling in amazing areas such as Alaska and the Caribbean where you can relish in the spectacular views from your own room -they can really take your cruise experience from great to amazing. Not to forget the amazing décor and amenities luxury suites have, from marble bathrooms and Ralph Lauren furniture to grand pianos and original Picassos on the wall!

4. Extra-Special Shore Experiences

Luxury cruise lines give passengers access to experience some incredible excursions, for example, Regent Seven Sea Cruises offer unlimited shore excursions in every single port of call on ships such as Seven Seas Grandeur. Something which is quite unheard of and that takes the phrase ‘all-inclusive’ to the next level! Crystal Cruises have created a menu of excellent shore experiences, with their scheme of Crystal Boutique Adventures. There is an extra charge for the experiences but they are truly unique, including things like Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, and private cookery classes with Michelin-starred chefs. Experiences like these are unlikely to be offered on non-luxury cruise lines.

5. Almost All Beverages Included

Onboard most luxury cruises there is no extra charge for alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, teas, and coffees. Luxury Cruises such as Azamara Club Cruises, Regent Seven Sea Cruises, Seadream, and Paul Gauguin have no extra charges for in-room minibars as well, meaning you can help yourself to the stocked up champagne and beer. Complimentary drinks include all lounges, bars, and restaurants; the alcohol doesn’t come as a package but free of charge. Having said this, if you’re one with especially expensive taste and want those top-notch bottles, there would be a charge for those.

Will your next cruise be a luxury cruise? Or do you already love cruising in luxury? Find out more about one luxury cruise line by reading all about cruising onboard the ultra-luxury ship Seabourn Encore.

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