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5 Reasons why you should Christmas Cruise

16 Nov 2018 | by Mary Farmhouse

We all know that Christmas is an expensive time for many people, especially when you decide on a traditional Christmas. However, a lot of people are liking the idea and jumping on a family adventure - mixing Christmas and cruising. Taking the whole family away can come with a lot of stress if it’s not done correctly in the festive season, but with cruising, the perks are endless. Read on to find out 5 reasons why you and your family should try Christmas cruising.

1. Multiple destinations

A great reason to take your family Christmas cruising is the fascinating destinations you pass through. The memories your family create will be unforgettable. You are able to explore different cultural experiences off board, such as Christmas markets in some of the world’s most festive places. Travel through Europe or the Mediterranean and uncover the joy that Christmas brings. By deciding on your itinerary, you are in control of what sort of Christmas you would like. The choice of a traditional icy winter in the Arctic, or a tropical Christmas in the Caribbean; the beauty of cruising means you are given the choice you don’t receive at home.

2. Children’s Programmes

Treat your little ones with the chance to be energetic without exhausting the grown-ups, with many onboard children’s programmes. With these, there’s no chance your kids will be complaining of boredom. Children are able to really feel the Christmas spirit with themed games and arts and crafts, and many cruise lines such as P&O Cruises even invite Father Christmas onboard for Christmas day. With a Christmas grotto, music, decorations, and children’s tea parties, your little ones will certainly have a Christmas to remember.

3. It’s cheaper than you think

Christmas cruising is often a lot more affordable than people realise. In order to get a great deal, flexibility can be the key. If you can be flexible with travel dates, destinations, or cruise line you are on the way to finding a bargain. Many cruise lines create deals for those traveling as a group- a great chance to spend Christmas with the extended family. Get together and spend Christmas with Grandma and Granddad, and aunties and uncles, allowing children to create on and off board memories with their loved ones.

4. You are taken care of

The most fun part of the whole cruise! Every detail you would have to think about for Christmas on land is out of the window, leaving you with no worries and no stress, as the staff members take care of everything. Instead, you are able to relax and explore the wonders of the ship. Christmas dinner is one of the big things which the cruise takes care off, with a beautifully laid out meal. Choose a traditional turkey dinner or mix it up with something different, with cruise lines catering for everyone, they offer you more than just the traditional. Imagine a Christmas dinner with no washing up to do, and not being blamed for not making enough gravy Another lovely addition is that cruise lines often present small gifts for their guests; a wonderful gesture that truly shows the guests how appreciated they are.

5. Festive Shopping

Festive shopping is the highlight for a lot of guests during a Christmas cruise, with the unique items you can find. Seeing the wonderful Christmas markets across Europe will leave you feeling extra-festive, and captivated by their beauty. You are able to bring elements of different cultures home with you, with souvenirs to highlight your time exploring. You’ll be in awe of the transformation which takes place in towns and cities at Christmas, all over the world. 

Dive in and discover cruising in the Christmas season, explore our Christmas cruises to find out which itinerary suits you best.

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