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Introducing River Cruising

07 Jan 2016 | by Myles Johnson
Updated May 2017


Smaller ships. Bigger adventures.

Rivers throughout the world have long been an important source dating from pre-historic times to the present day. Winding their way through different countries, rivers provide us a gateway to some of the world’s greatest locations. Sailing along the historic rivers of Europe, Africa, South America and Asia is an incredible experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

River cruising has come a long way since the early traditional barge style cruises you see drifting along the canals in Britain. Exciting new innovations are now present aboard the new sleek and contemporary river vessels. You can expect swimming pools that turn into cinemas, twin balconies and lavish six star boutique accommodations.


Sailing along the magnificent rivers of the world is an intimate and relaxing way to view some of the most beautiful cities that can only be accessed by river cruise vessels. Many river cruise lines are All Inclusive, covering all meals, excursions, flights, transfers and drinks with dinner.


When onboard, life becomes pure bliss, simply unpack in your comfortable stateroom and enjoy the scenery as you float on the calmest of waters; with no tidal current, there is no need to worry about motion sickness. You can enjoy the fact that your River boat will be docked in the heart of a town or city, allowing you to join an escorted excursion or be totally independent and explore your new surroundings by yourself. Without lengthy transfers, you can spend longer in port and discover more.


Keith Maynard on Why You Should River Cruise?

World Cruise Expert and Planet Cruise Weekly host Keith Maynard introduces you to the spectacular world of river cruising and all of the exciting features you can expect to enjoy aboard. 


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