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The Great Rivers of the World

11 Jan 2016 | by Myles Johnson
Updated May 2017


From enchanting rivers in Asia, to the mighty river in the Amazon.

Planet Cruise introduces you to some of the greatest rivers in the world. Carving their way through dramatic landscapes in China, flowing past ancient lands in Egypt, gushing between tropical Rainforests in Brazil and encompassing historic towns in Europe are some of the most amazing rivers in the world.


The diverse continent of Europe is famous for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant cities and great rivers. Sailing along the legendary rivers of Europe (Danube, Seine and the Dutch Waterways) as they flow through spectacular landscapes will give you a glimpse of historical sites, breathtaking scenery and vibrant cities and towns that are scattered along the banks of the great rivers.



The Nile River of Africa is steeped in ancient folklore dating back thousands of years. This great river played a significant role in the development of civilisations and passage for travel throughout the African continent to Europe. A journey down one of the world’s largest and most important rivers will provide you with a window into the enchanting wonders of Egypt. Onboard a Nile river cruise, you will enjoy exciting excursions visiting ancient tombs, temples and the Pyramids of Giza.


South America

Flowing through six countries in South America with a length of 6,400 km is the mighty Amazon River, the second largest in the world. Home to untamed jungle waterways full of elusive wildlife, amazing archaeological treasures and native communities. Discovering rural regions of the Amazon rainforest is a truly captivating experience that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.



The Asian continent is home to a tapestry of fascinating rivers (The Mekong River, The Ganges, Yangtze River and Irrawaddy), each with their own unique sights, sounds and unforgettable destinations along the way. Sample the traditional flavours, while taking in the many charming cultures and spectacular landmarks like Angkor Wat in Cambodia which decorate this beautiful region of the world.


Whether the sources of these rivers originate from vast frozen glaciers or small streams, one thing for sure is they have opened up our world to new angles of discovery and unforgettable experiences. View our wonderful collection of River Cruise Holidays.

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