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Best Mediterranean Cruise Excursions

10 Feb 2020 | by Akemi Bunce

Sailing the Mediterranean with MSC Cruises is a sun-soaked experience that every cruiser will look forward to time and time again. But with so much choice as to how to explore each port of call, you may be wondering which is best for you. Read on for an overview of MSC Cruises' best Mediterranean cruise excursions.

Walking tour

Perhaps one of the most popular types of MSC cruise excursions on any cruise itinerary, a walking tour is an enjoyable, relaxing way to see the highlights of European cities at an affordable price. Lead by a knowledgeable guide, you'll be immersed in the history of the destination as you explore at a pace that suits you, with time to stop to photograph iconic landmarks.

MSC Bike Adventours

Looking for a way to step up your Mediterranean city tour? MSC Cruises shore excursions offer two types of bikes - regular bicycles and E-bikes - for you to explore the Mediterranean in small groups catering to different abilities. All you'll need to bring is suitable clothing, your free MSC Bike Adventours water bottle and a sense of adventure.

MSC Cruises Mediterranean Excursions

Gastronomic tour

The Mediterranean is teeming with so much delectable cuisine that it can be a struggle to choose where to start! Not to worry - a gastronomic tour is a must for foodies. MSC shore excursion experts will bring you to authentic markets to sample cheeses and wines, or to local bars to enjoy freshly-made tapas. As well as all this inspiration to bring home with you, you'll see highlights of the destination so don't forget your camera!


MSC Cruises are dedicated to conserving and protecting the environment, and through zero-environmental-impact activities, you can help them do this! PROTECTOURS involve activities such as kayaking, hiking and cycling, as well as tree planting and beach cleaning. Through these sustainable trips you'll enjoy the sights on a Mediterranean cruise excursion while ensuring future generations will be able to enjoy them too.

MSC Cruises Mediterranean Excursions

Beach transfers

Not interested in going too far from your MSC cruise ship? Simply book a transfer to one of the many beaches in the Mediterranean. These excursions will bring you to the beach at the start of the day and leave you with plenty of time to swim, sunbathe and simply relax by beautiful sea views. After a few hours of quality tanning time, you'll be brought back to the cruise ship.

Easy and accessible tours

MSC shore excursions offer easily accessible trips that are perfect for those in need of mobility assistance, as well as those who simply like a slower pace of life. These excursions have been carefully chosen, with many being step-free, however, we recommend double checking before you book to ensure all routes throughout the excursion are suitable for you.

MSC Cruises Mediterranean Excursions

In each port of call in the Mediterranean, you'll find even more destination-specific excursions for the brave! Grab a 4x4 in Santorini and explore the rugged landscape in style, or kayak through the mysterious caves of Dubrovnik. Which ever Mediterranean cruise excursion you choose, it's the perfect way to see this beautiful part of the world. Ready to book your MSC cruise for the summer? Check out the MSC Cruises Mediterranean deals to book your holiday of a lifetime!

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