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Behind the Scenes at Caribbean Princess

06 Jun 2016 | by Nikki Osborne

Ever wondered how much food is ordered to cater for the thousands of people onboard a cruise, how many controls are needed to sail a ship of that size, and what the views are like from the wraparound windows of the bridge?

Well we've behind the scenes of Caribbean Princess, to treat you to a sneak peek of the usually restricted areas. See all the hard work that results in the excellent level of service that we know and love, onboard Princess Cruises.

Galley and Food Production

Noticeably clean and organised, here is where most of the food is hand-prepared - including the famous Norman Love chocolates & desserts, of which over 3000 are eaten every day. To ensure maximum quality and an unarguable delicious taste, all food is made from scratch, and the Bakery, Patisserie, and Butchers are working at all hours in order to deliver enough to satisfy everyone onboard, including the staff.

The Bridge

The area where the captain and his team navigate the ship – on an average day it will take 6+ members of staff to sail in and out of port. The captain explained all the state-of-the-art equipment, safety systems, and procedures that are in use to make your journey as smooth and as safe as possible.


Main Laundry

A whopping 20,000+ towels are washed each day in the huge industrial washing machines, that can hold up to 90kgs a load. Once washed and dried, each item is fed through a machine to be folded neatly. This is also where your own laundry is cleaned and ironed to a high standard. We particularly enjoyed watching the steaming machine, which perfectly irons shirts that have been crumpled in a suitcase - a lifesaver for those formal evenings!


There are several other areas that can be explored behind the scenes onboard Caribbean Princess, including backstage at the Theatre for a cast and production meet and greet, the Incinerator Room, to see what happens to all of the waste onboard, and the Medical Centre. Overall, we loved our behind the scenes tour as it really put into perspective all the hard work that the crew do to make our experience unforgettable.

If you have any burning questions for the staff that work behind the scenes – call our sales experts for more information on booking this interesting excursion for yourself.

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