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My trip to the Galapagos: Day 5

14 Dec 2018 | by Steve Ward

Day 5 – Floreana Island – Pta Cormorant

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After finishing my very English breakfast, a bacon sarnie and a cup of tea, we started the day with a walking tour of Pta Cormorant. The day was a little bit drizzly and cloudy so there was a certain gloom in the air.

We landed on the beach which is one of the places where sea turtles lay their eggs, but unfortunately, we didn’t see any at this point. We did see more sea lions though. They’re everywhere in Galapagos at this time of year - I was told this is because when the temperature is colder it’s easier for them to feed.

After walking along the crystal sand, we began to walk inland where we saw a Galapagos flycatcher along with a baby blue-footed boobie. I found out that you can tell a baby from an adult because babies’ feet are a greyish blue, and as they grow they develop blue feet. One of the reasons they do this is to help with attracting a mate.

We carried along the walk seeing a variety of birds before the whole path opened up and we found a beautiful, mystical lake. As it was raining and there was a little fog, it made this view even more impactful. Plus, there was even a flock of flamingos in and across the water from us. The reflection in the water, the colours of the birds, and the fog hanging over the mountains was truly a sight to behold.

We carried on our walk seeing more of this stunning destination before reaching the other side of the island. Here there was another beach where we found a pelican feeding as well as more sally lightfoot crabs.


Day 5 – Champion Island – Snorkelling

In the afternoon we did a deep-sea snorkel. I had high hopes for this as I was told I might see a sea turtle due to the temperature of the water. We were told to buddy up for safety, so I paired with my friend and colleague Michal.

We boarded a zodiac to head out, and soon found out how easy it will be. We were told not to kick our legs as we went around the island, as the current would simply move us. From the start, we saw many different types of fish, and such a range of sizes as well as colours. There were king angelfish, sea stars, razor surgeonfish, but still no turtle.

Then Michal and I heard a shout; “Sting Rays, Sting Rays!” We swam to the voice and low and behold we saw multiple types of stingrays, swimming way beneath us. Moving along we also saw four whitetip sharks. They swam close to the bottom of the rocks where they like to sleep, just minding their own business. I can’t believe I can now say I’ve swum with sharks!

We carried on floating along when I looked over at Michal and thought I could see something beneath him. I pointed my camera toward him, and low and behold one of the sea lions swam directly under him. In doing this I could see just how big the gentle animals are compared to us. And then, a few minutes later it happened. I saw it. A gigantic sea turtle! He was huge! He was just slowly plodding through the sea, minding his own business. It was as jaw-dropping as I imagined.

I still find it crazy how the animals on these islands seem to feel no intimidation of humans. It’s such a safe place, and I’m seeing things that very few people ever will. I’m a very, very lucky person, and I hope through this writing I am doing this magical place justice.




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